Sunday, 21 November 2010

Nuffnang Inniter's Gathering

Last saturday , 13 Novenber 2010 , i went to the Inniter's gathering held at Pizza Hut , Midvalley Megamall . Me , Hilda ,Joeann , and Tony reach on time , which is 12pm , then Tikkoss approach us and ask whether we attending the Inniter gathering . This is my second time meet him . First time meet him at Digi Pimp My music Party , a friendly guy i can say . So , he tell us that only we few reach there . Others still on their way , they say traffic jam . But on saturday ? lol Normal la, Malaysia time . So , when there's table , we go in and sit and reserved first . Later on Yuh Jiun  , Bernard , Spectre  , Bendan  , Vince ,Xing , Steven and Simon join us .

So , i shall let the photo talk now .

Hilda  and Joeann

Me and Tony

Cute Vince and Simon beside him 

From left : Spectre  and Bernard


Yuh Jiun 

All of them

Spot cute Vince again ! lol

Then , after finish lunch at Pizza Hut , we go to Teen Fest to jalan - jalan and find Jessy also as she work there . We try to find her very long . We saw one bunny and we thought she wear the bunny suit .lol But we didn't go ask that bunny is it her .lol At last , we manage to find Jessy at KFC booth . 

Jessy , a blogger too . She known as Miss Skinny too.

Jessy and Me , first time meet her .

Tikkoss and Jessy

Xing , Bendan  , and Hilda

The girls blogger : From Left : Xing , Bendan  , Hilda , Joeann , Jessy , and Yuh Jiun

From left :  Tony , Bernard , Jessy , me , Hilda , and  Joeann

Oh , i meet Coco also , another blogger , she work there too !

Coco and me

Spectre , Coco , and Tony

Ohh, i saw some of my friend too . I saw Sherril , Ka Wee , Chee Lek and Woon Long

Me and Sherril , nice to meet her back after so long . So ngam she work at there .

Then , about 4,30pm , we went back home . Some go back home , some stay and went for pool . Me , Hilda ,Joeann , and Tony back home and didn't join them for pool as we got some event  at night.

Group photo before we leave 

All without me ! cause i went to say bye to my friend , Sherril . =p

Last photo of the gathering .

Me , Hilda , and Joeann in my car . I fetch them home.

That's the first Inniter's gathering i join . It is quite fun overall . Bloggers gathering is fun , as blogger itself is fun !

* Some of the photo credited to Tikkoss .

Till then , bye .


  1. Arghhh! All my photo look so fugly wei! XD

  2. HAHAH you memang ugly what vince xD
    You so rajin still update about this hehe anyways, can't wait for next gathering :p

  3. Vince : where got ugly , you are cute =p

  4. Hilda : hahaha ! same here , I cant wait for the next outing also .p