Monday, 29 November 2010

Peter Pan The Musical at Sunway Lagoon

Thanks to Bok and Wilee for the free passes ! I get to watch Peter Pan The Musical Gala Premiere on 26 November ,8pm at Sunway Lagoon Amplitheatre .

Photo credits to Tony

On that day afternoon , i accompany mum to Universiti Malaya fpr her leg checkup , so that she doesn't need to find parking and save RM3 for the parking . Then , due to my mum appointment delayed, she finish check up at about 6pm . I reach home at 6.45pm due to the traffic jam . Get changed , and called Tony to help me get the ticket from Bok first as i know i sure can't make it for the ticket collection at 7.15pm , as usual , sure jam one . I use NKVE , super jam , i  drive in the fast lane , and i drive in the emergency lane when i almost reach the Subang exit . Then , i reach Sunway Pyramid at about 7.15pm . Them jam at the Sunway Pyramid car park , and finally found a parking at 7.40pm. Then , i went to meet Tony at Robot Sushi . Then , off we went to Sunway Lagoon . Luckily , i went solo , i didn't managed to invite anyone . You will know why later. I didn't even have time to eat my dinner .

Comment : The Peter Pan , The Musical is suppose to start at 8pm according to the ticket . But the musical only start at 9pm . We waited for 1 hour . Then , the speech by the sunway lagoon CEO , Aaron Su is so Unprofessional . He keep say Malaysia Boleh ! Like very  proud of this musical is a collaboration of Malaysian production and west end production . Then , the arrangement of stage is sucks ! There's no curtain to close when one scene end , and they like straight change the setting of the stage in front of us when we can see it . And we cant hear what the cast say and sing , there were only two speaker at the front of the stage . They should put more speaker . And we cant really see the cast , as we sit at very back . They should had put a few  projector screen . 

About the musical show , i find it a little bit ridiculous . They add in the Sunway Lagoon script ,as in help to advertise Sunway Lagoon  . For example , when Peter Pan tell the Lost boys , " Let's go to Sunway Lagoon for a swim " . Wth . Then . they also incorporated Christmas scene at the end , and sing Christmas song at the end. They thought it is creative , but they had ruined the musical . Tony friend , Yin Wei also discovered the mistakes of the dancers and also the malfunction of the fireworks in front of the stage. There were also direct interaction between the cast and the audience , which should't have in a musical . And the worst part is the musical is only 1 hour . They cut it until too short . But undeniably the four main cast , Peter Pan, Wendy Darling, Mr. Smee and Captain Hook act quite good .

Peter Pan The musical is supposingly for all ages of people , but they make it like for kids only . I still doubt even kids enjoyed it .

I wouldn't recommend anyone to watch this musical . It's totally not a musical . RM 40 - RM 160 for the ticket for this musical ? ! It's totally not worth it at all ! It will only waste your money ! Even i get to watch it free , i still feel kind of waste my parking money and time to come all the way to Sunway Lagoon to watch this sucky musical . 

When we were leaving, we were given a coupon that offers 50% discount for the purchase of the tickets for this show. And the back of coupon says, "Valid on 27 Nov 2010" , it only valid for 5.30pm and 8pm show on 27 November which is on the next day , wth ! 

Photo credits to Tony

This sucky musical is being held at Amphiteather, Sunway Lagoon, every day except Tuesdays at 8pm onwards from 26th of November 2010 until 2nd of January 2011.

After that , i went to Burger King and eat my late dinner and then back home . This is certainly a lousy ever musical ! It;s totally a waste of time to watch this musical . Malaysia memang boleh ! ( Sarcasticly ) . Don't know how west end production will agree with this kind of musical being played ! 

Till then , bye


  1. " Let's go to Sunway Lagoon for a swim "

    Holy crap. LOL

  2. lol this is like looking at my own post -__-"

  3. Jfook : Yea la, crap ! Lol =0
    Toninkush : Lol , we got same complains ma . =0

  4. and also two same pictures? lol it's quite obvious that you referred to my post. and we didnt notice the dance and firework hiccups until my friend who did.

  5. Tony : whoops , sorry le , k la, i credit you and your friend . =0

  6. The Musical really that bad eh... plan to watch it initially.... better not.... HAHA!

  7. Jessy : Yeap,very bad , dont watch ! Waste your money only 1 ! haha . =p