Sunday, 21 November 2010

Richard Teo 19th Birthday

On 16 November 2010 , i was invited by Richard Teo to his 19th birthday at Alexis , The Gardens , same place as where Shannon Chow 20th Birthday held . So, i reach Midvalley at 5.30pm, then i meet up with Jiayeen , Hooi Nee , and Liki . Then,off we went to Alexis , The Garden .

The Birthday boy , Richard Teo

The blogger that reach early 

The birthday boy , Richard Teo and me 

Nanalana , Jiayeen , and Liki

Me , Jfook and Nanalana

All the blogger that reach in time . Back row left : The birthday boy , Richard Teo , Me , Jfook and Nanalana.
Front row : Shannon , Jiayeen , and Liki 

Richard Teo so called brother , Shaun Damien and Richard Teo

Me and Tony

Me and Hooi Nee

Me and Jackie Loi

Me and Adrian

Xiao Tong , Calvin , and me 

Edwin and me 

Me and Shaun Damien 

The food :

Pizza 1 


some chicken 


Pizza 2

Roast duck

Beef Lasagna

When there's blogger , you need to be patient , we took about 2-3 minutes to take the photo of the food before everyone can eat . lols

After the food ,then we chit chat a while , then it is the time for the celebration !

The Chocalate Indulgence cake from Secret Recipe.

Blogger snap snap away , 2 DSLR .lols

Blowing candle 

more like stab the cake .lols

The birthday boy actually got bored of posing for all the blogger camera . I think he pose for like 2- 3 minutes . Haha That is blogger , snap the photo all the way , with DSLr or digital camera .

Finally can cut the cake , but also need to pose for few minutes again . Pity Richard . haha

Then , we eat the cake and chit chatted a while , we actually chat about Sejarah of all thing .lols

After that , went out from Alexis , and it is open present session .

The book he hunt for , Law of Attraction , from me , Jiayeen , Tony , Liki , and Hooi Nee .

Teddy bear from Jfook and Nanalana

A cute XS T-Shirt by Edwin , Xiao Tong , Calvin , and Adrian .

Is good to celebrate your birthday with bloggers , blogger will write your birthday celebration in their blog . I'm the second last blogger with camera  to blog about it . Check out Jfook post , Nanalana post , 
Liki post , Shannon post , and Jackie Loi post . Adrian , faster post ! you are the last one to blogger with camera to blog

So, celebrate your birthday with blogger is fun !

Happy Birthday to  Richard Teo  once again ! 

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