Sunday, 21 November 2010

Some suprise in life is good

Did you ever suprise anyone ? I will say yes , i had suprise few people , let see , i had suprise Kiki , my TARC friend before . I bought two slice of Secret Recipe and bought a doodolls frog for her . I celebrate her birthday with her outside Old Town Kopitiam . She thought it is just a normal birthday celebration , she doesn't know that i had bought a present that she like for her .Lol . This is happen during the year 2009 , 1 years ago but still memories . Haha

This is Kiki

Then i also suprised two of my friend i know from PC Fair , Jia Wen , and Chee Yee . Me and Chee Yee plan to go meet up with Jia Wen at 1 day in November 2009 . And Jia Wen and Chee Yee both is December baby , so i bought 2 teddy bear as their present and bring there and give them during our meal . And i manage to suprise them. woohoo ! Check back the blog post , Friday IOI Outing 30-11-09.

Chee Yee and Jia Wen with the bear i give them

Once in a while , give your friend some suprise ,it will show that yo care for them . It will make them happy eventhough it is just a small suprise , because u make a suprise with your heart and hard work . I like to suprise my friend sometime . Do you ? And who need suprise ? Anyone ? Who doesn't like suprise . So, spend some time to suprise the people you love and heart is always a good thing in life . 

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