Thursday, 25 November 2010

Super bad experience and Super bad Service provided by Cathay Cineplex

Hello people , i just Back from Premiere Screening of Rapunzel by Groupsmore and yumcha session . I'm invited by Joshua Law . Thanks ! The movie is nice and awesomw ! A must watch movie i will say ! Will blog about the movie review in my next post .

Now , i want to share about a special experience which i just experienced . So me and Joshua Law were watching the Premiere Screening of  Rapunzel at Cathay Cineplex at E@Curve . We were watching the movie at Hall 10 , which are different hall from Nuffnang and Churp Churp . Okay , we were watching very happily , everything fine .

Then , when the movie almost near to ending , the movie turn upside down and later on the movie is rewind from the end , every action in the movie is moving backward.Totally spoiler ! So , we the people in Hall 10 are like wth ! So, everyone were complainig about it . And the best part is they show us the upside down  and rewind movie for like 10 minutes ++ . Until an extent that some of the groups more people got to go out complain to the cathay worker .

Then the groupsmore people went in front of the hall to apologise to us . They are damn pissed off too ! They say they are pissed off when Cathay say the movie is in 3D , but they let us watch the 2D , the normal one instead ! and now this technical problem happen ! But it's not Groupsmore fault ! It is Cathay fault , they need to bear the responsibilities ! and tell you what , They off the visual but didn't off the music and sound when the groupsmore people apologize , until they shout to ask the cathay off the sound and music , the Cathay only off it ! The Groupsmore people also tell and complain to their client , Buena Vista . Wth ! The Cathay people should come out to apologise once that problem happen ! You know what they do instead , they just show the message at the screen , they write , sorry for the technical problem , we will fixed it as soon as possible . Please be patient , just like that ! It is so not sincere !

Then until like about 15-20 minutes later , the Cathay people only come in and apologise to us ! and you know where that cathay worker stand and apoplogise to us , she stand at the side staircase to apoplogise to us ! She should stand in front of the hall to apologise ! So not sincere at all ! You know what that Cathay worker say , she say sorry for the technical problem , say their projector spoilt , and we dont know this thing will happen , as it is a premiere movie 2 days before the releasein cinema , something like this ! Wth ! What an Excuse ! How can you say such word ! Dont they should always check their projector frequently ?! They didn't really explain , this is not a good  explanation ! And i dont even can hear what that Cathay worker say , she talk too soft , cant really hear what she say ! And then Groupsmore actually allows us to ask that cathay worker question , but she didn't even bother about it , she just walk away after apologize and give the explanation ! I personally find it quite rude ! The Cathay worker say they will give us a free ticket for the next premiere screening at Next year January to compensate us . We shall wait and see whether they really do so !  Then after like 10 minutes , they resume the movie to normal , we view it normally until the end of movie .

 I would like to say it is not Groupsmore fault , it is Cathay fault! , they really should bear the responsibilities . And i think thew way they apologise to us is so not sincere ! The Rapunzel movie is nice and awesome still ! But this terrible technical problem had totally be a spoiler for the movie , it somehow ruined our mood , and spoil this awesome movie ! This is my second time been to Cathay at E@Curve , and this thing happen . I always thought that Cathay is 1 of the good cinema , but now i am doubtful about it ! Cathay should really learn their lesson and improve their service ! Cathay sucks ! Cathay should really feel luck that the projector that spoilt is not at Hall 1! , the nuffnang and churp churp Rapunzel screening , if not , they are seriously in big trouble !

Another thing that really pissed me off is after movie , i know from T and L that Nuffnang and Churp churp screening is 3D one , but ours groupsmore in Hall 10  is the normal version 1 for this Rapunzel screening ! Cathay is so unfair !

Next time i will think twice 1st before i go to Cathay to watch movie . What a bad experience that i experienced ! People , i would warned you all 1st , think properly before go to Cathay Cineplex at E@Curve to watch movie !

Till then , bye ! 


  1. wow...chill bro! Take it easy...Let us just hope that this thing wouldn't happen next time again. :)

  2. yea.. chill ler.. i like cathay ler.. lol.. nice seating.. easy carpark.. haha.. let's hope so no next time. n good luck for my exam ! haha..

  3. seems like a bad experience man! maybe nuffnang wana survey which cinema provides best service. =)

  4. Joshua : Chill dy , i just voice it all out only . hehe No worries ! Yeap, hope it wont happen again ! =0

    Engtaukia : Chill dy , yea , hope there's no next time . =D

    Xing : Not under Nuffnang 1 , is Groupsmore 1 . But is Cathay fault . =0

  5. ive never been to Cathay here but i dun like the one in pg..

  6. Sherril : i see i see . Yea la . =0