Sunday, 21 November 2010

Xpax Shout !

On 13 November 2010 , after the Inniter Gathering , i go fetch Wilee , her friend and Jiayeen at 6pm. Then off we go to snowflake to meet up with Tony to have our dinner . Then at 7.30pm like that , we went to Xpax Shout at The Library at e@Curve .

So, i shall show you all the photo . Picture tell more than words .

Jiayeen , Wilee's friend , Wilee , Tony  , me , and Karyan

me and Karyan

Me and Wilee

Me and Tony

Me and Hooi Nee

Jiayeen and me 

Wilee's friend and me 

The Emcee :

Then after that , Disagree perform .

After Disagree perform, we went to Popeye for our late dinner as we are hungry . Then after dinner at about 10.30pm . we went back home as we feel that the event is a littke bit boring .

Till then , bye .

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