Friday, 31 December 2010

10 thing i achieved in 2010 !

#1  i graduated from TARC ,i am now a Diploma in Advertising Holder . And i'm now studying degree in
      Marketing Communication at HELP University College .

#2 I join few Nuffnang contest , and i win and manage to attend few movie screening , and from the
     movie screening , i met a lot of bloggers , and we are now friend .

My first ever movie screening , Vampire sucks .

My date for the movie , Liki

Resident Evil Screening with The Bloggers 

#3 I got my first ever photoshoot by Henry Lee 

Photoshoot with the bloggers!

#4 I went to a lot of club for events .

Hennessy Artistry 2010 at Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC)

7aste Monte Carlo at Ecoba

Xplay Shout at The Library 

Digi Pimp My Music Party at Velvet , Zouk .

Hanger Launch Party at HEX 

# 5 I attend my first ever food review at Fullhouse , Sunway Giza Mall.

# 6 Celebrated few birthday with blogger , including mine .

Shannon 20th Birthday at Alexis , The Garden 

Richard Teo 19th Birthday at Alexis , The Garden 

My 22nd Birthday at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng , SS2.

Liki 19th Birthday at Gasoline , Sunway Pyramid .

# 7 I attend my first ever musical show , Peter Pan  .

Peter Pan The Musical 

#8 Meet Up with my fellow secondary school friend , sot gang .

#9 I finally own a car , a Proton Wira .

#10 i work for lots of part time job , and i earn a lot of money .

So , yeah , my 2010 is quite awesome ! Hope i will have a better 2011 ! 
Happy New Year everyone ! 
Want to know my 2011 New Year Resolution , check my blog at 1-1-11 , 1:11am ! 

Till then , bye . 

Christmas Eve and Christmas day !

How you all celebrate your christmas eve ? for me , i go for a christmas open house dinner invited by my mum friend at her house at Bandar Utama. Then after dinner , i off to Restoran D.U at Kota Damansara to meet up with Tony  , Henry Lee , and Hitomi  . Then after that , we go to walk at Sunway Giza for a while , but it is not happening . So , we decided to go to The Curve for the countdown .

We reach The Curve at about 11pm . Then , we decided to drink and chill at Laundry bar ,while waiting for the countdown for Christmas. Kian Fai join us too ! 

 Tony  , and  Kian Fai

Me and Henry Lee

They drink Heineken !

1 bucket of Heineken ! 

While i drik MCD Milo , and 2 time coke . Can refill . haha I dont drink 1 ! 

Nice light ! 

Not even 12am yet , The Curve already crowded with a lot of people .

Oh yea , we bump into Karyan too 

And Pennie is there too at the bridge from Curve to e@curve . But didn't took photo with her .lol

There are no countdown actually , many people just spray the fake snow thingy when it is 12am ! Lol

So after that , we meet up with Pennie at Nasi Kandar Spring . That's how i celebrate my Christmas eve . 

For my chrustmas day , i woke up quite early at about 7pm ,fetch Jiayeen then we off to Cheras for Dim Sum . Why Cheras ? because after dimsum , i brought her to Cheras Leisure Mall to do some meaningful thing , be a santa clous to give present to the orphans . 

Dim Sum

writing the Christmas card

The present for the orphan , a T-Shirt .

The Present 

The present in the toy bank 

Then , at night , i went to my mum's friend house to have christmas dinner . Then after that , i yumcha with my primary school classmates at Nasi Kandar Spring . Henry Lee join us too ! 

That's how i celebrate my Christmas ! 

Till then , bye 

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Be a Pink Angel !

Hello to all ! I'm a Pink Angel . I get to know this Be a Pink Angel event from Jessy , and i think it is a very meaningful event . Thus , i decided to blog about it here , sharing is caring . Be a Pink Angel is a fundraising campaign to help the third stage breast cancer patient survivors . It is a collaborative effort  between the Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) and GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals (GSK) to improve women's health by providing greater access and support to breast cancer patients. This campaign is open to everyone , male and female. Many people thought that only female will get breast cancer , if you think like that , you are absolutely wrong , male also can get breast cancer , just that the chances of getting it is lower than female . There are many people out there need our help . So , go 'like' Be a Pink Angel Page at facebook!  When you like their page , it means something to them , mmeans more people are supporting their fundraising campaign.

Of course like their page only is not enough . You must also spread the news to more people , ask more to like the page .Next , is your action as a Pink Angel . 

There are two ongoing fundraising campaign happening now !

1) Pink Angel Kite: The Sale Is On!

From 6 December 2010 to 13 January 2011 , the Pink Angel Roving Teams will be all over the hotspots around Klang Valley to sell the Pink Angels Kite . 

 This Pink Angel Kite will be selling at RM 10 each .

So, check their FB page frequently to know where they will be to sell this cute Pink Angel kite . It's just RM10 , and it is for charity purpose . Why not do some good deed ? And now comes the fun part , there will bea grand event at Metropolitan Park , Kepong on 15 January , 4pm , where all of us will fly this pink angel kite up in the sky . It will surely be fun ! This event signify hopes for the breast cancer patient survivor . I will buy this pink angel kite and i will sure be there at Metropolitan Park at Kepong on January 15 , 2011 , at 4pm to fly the pink angel kite up in the sky ! So , people , come join me okay? ! I shall se you all at there ! 

2) Pink Angel Combo @ J.CO

J.Co donut is a partner of Be a Pink Angel event . There are two combo selling for Pink Angel event from 1 December 2010 to 14 January 2011. The Pink Angel Combo 1 is selling at RM 13.40 . This combo consist of 1 cup strawberry yoghurt freeze and 1 pink donut from a choice of Heaven Berry, Berry Spears, Strawberry Choco Caviar or J.Crown Strawberry. The Pink Angel Combo 2 is selling at RM 12.90 . 

This combo consist of 6 pink donuts from a choice of Heaven Berry, Berry Spears, Strawberry Choco 

Caviar, and J.Crown Strawberry.

Go buy the Pink Angel Combo today or before 14 January 2011 ! J.CO Donuts & Coffee will be donating 

RM2.00 from the sale of each Pink Angel Combo to BCWA.

So people , go 'like' Be a Pink Angel Page at facebook!  Ask your friend to like it . Spread and promote it at Facebook . And for those who are blogger , promote it at your blog ! And then buy the Pink Angel Kite and come join in and fly the kite at Metropolitan Park at Kepong on January 15 , 2011 at 4pm ! Hope to see you all there !

This is a meaningful fundraising campaign ! By promoting it , you are already help the breast cancer patients ! Help them , they need our help ! 

Liki 19th Birthday Party

I had been invited to Liki Birthday on 23 December at Gasoline , Sunway Pyramid . The attendees are

Jiayeen and Me

Liki's Brother

Liki's Friend , Lily

Now let me show you the Birthday girl .

Liki  , the birthday girl

The Food :

This is what i order , Kam Heong Chicken Rice , Not bad , the food is nice . 

Other food :

After makan dinner , we chill a while . Then it is time to celebrate Liki's Birthday .

The Birthday girl and the cake

The Special Merry Christmas Birthday cake .

Cutting the cake and pose.

Blowing the candle 

Making her wish !

Me and the Birthday girl 

The Birthday girl and her brother 

After makan cake , it is the time for the birthday girl to open the present outside the restaurant . This is our tradition .

Present from Hitomi 

Present from Shannon

The Birthday Girl reading the card from me , Tony  , Edwin , Henry Lee ,Jiayeen ,  Kian Fai , and Henry Tan 

Concentrate in reading

The card from us ! 

Present from from me , Tony  , Edwin , Henry Lee ,Jiayeen ,  Kian Fai , and Henry Tan

Present from Shannon

Present from Hitomi 

Lastly , is the group photo session 

Well, overall, the food is nice , at least nicer than Wong Kok Char Chan Teng . 1 bad thing is the poor lighting . haha .

till then , bye