Friday, 31 December 2010

10 thing i achieved in 2010 !

#1  i graduated from TARC ,i am now a Diploma in Advertising Holder . And i'm now studying degree in
      Marketing Communication at HELP University College .

#2 I join few Nuffnang contest , and i win and manage to attend few movie screening , and from the
     movie screening , i met a lot of bloggers , and we are now friend .

My first ever movie screening , Vampire sucks .

My date for the movie , Liki

Resident Evil Screening with The Bloggers 

#3 I got my first ever photoshoot by Henry Lee 

Photoshoot with the bloggers!

#4 I went to a lot of club for events .

Hennessy Artistry 2010 at Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC)

7aste Monte Carlo at Ecoba

Xplay Shout at The Library 

Digi Pimp My Music Party at Velvet , Zouk .

Hanger Launch Party at HEX 

# 5 I attend my first ever food review at Fullhouse , Sunway Giza Mall.

# 6 Celebrated few birthday with blogger , including mine .

Shannon 20th Birthday at Alexis , The Garden 

Richard Teo 19th Birthday at Alexis , The Garden 

My 22nd Birthday at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng , SS2.

Liki 19th Birthday at Gasoline , Sunway Pyramid .

# 7 I attend my first ever musical show , Peter Pan  .

Peter Pan The Musical 

#8 Meet Up with my fellow secondary school friend , sot gang .

#9 I finally own a car , a Proton Wira .

#10 i work for lots of part time job , and i earn a lot of money .

So , yeah , my 2010 is quite awesome ! Hope i will have a better 2011 ! 
Happy New Year everyone ! 
Want to know my 2011 New Year Resolution , check my blog at 1-1-11 , 1:11am ! 

Till then , bye . 


  1. Waaa, someone become more social this year eh? :D Happy New Year, Jayren!

  2. lol Good Post Jayren, it thought me I must bring Camera!! =D

  3. Hilda : haha , yes woh . I become more social and active this year ! =p

    Kian Fai : Thanks thanks ! Haha , so bring your camera to my house later . XD =p

  4. Jessy : Lol ! what la uncle , i not that old okay ! =p Happy New Year to you too ! =D