Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Balik Kampung Day 1 Part 1 !

As i tell you all in one of my previous post , i went back to my mum's hometown Kuala Besut , Terengganu on 15 December 2010 until 19 December 2010 . So on 15 December 8am, one of my neighbour fetch me and my mum to Subang Airport , as we took Firefly back to Terengganu. After check -in , we went to Kapitan Kopitiam to took our breakfast , while waiting for my aunty's family to reach the airport . They join in for breakfast too . Well , the food is just okay okay only , and it is expensive . But expected , it is a kopitiam inside an airport . After breakfast , we went to the boarding gate to wait for boarding the plane . Our flight is at 9.45 am , but we boarded the plabe at 9.05am . And the plane take off at 9.40pm .Super on-time . So , here's the photo taken inside the plane . 

Spotted a Berjaya Air Plane

The powerful 'fan' ( i don't know what it's called .LOL )

 My Niece

Ready to take off ! 

Me ! 

Nice KL View from the Sky !

Al the Gunung and forest !

Nephew .

See the cloud . Nice isn't it ?

Some random shape cloud . 

Free drink and muffin inside the plane . 

Reaching Kelantan ! 

Kelantan ! 

Spot the Kelantan House . LOL 

The Sungai Kelantan 

 Kelapa Sawit

 Landing ! 

Welcome to Kota Bahru Airport .

Welcome to Kelantan !

So after we collect all our luggage , we went to a famous Kopitiam , Ah Hou Kopitiam to eat our breakfast . 

The Nephew


The Kopitiam

Barley Ice 

The Famous chili Wantan Mee. Delicious ! The mee is different from the KL Wantan Mee .

After breakfast , we continue our journey back to my kampung , Kuala Besut , Terengganu .

Okay , this is the end of day one part one. Stay tune to part two !