Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Balik Kampung Day 1 Part 2 !

So after an hour of journey in car , we finally reach my kampung , Kuala Besut , Terengganu .

My Mum Kampung house 

Two beautiful niece in my kampung house

Me in my Kampung house 

So , after we feel bored watching television at my kampung , we decided to go jalan jalan . 

The traditional Kedai Roti Canai beside my Kampung house 

The Jetty building to Pulau Perhentian near my kampung house . Ohh, i forgot to tell u that my kampung house is very near to the Jetty to Pulau Perhentian . 

The pacific sea is behind my Kampung house. And here's the fishing boat and Pulau Perhentian boat / ferry . For you information , my mum kampung . Kuala Besut is a fishing village .

Stesen Bus Kuala Besut

Mahligai Express 

Playground beside the beach , awesome ? hehe

The Sea .

The siblings . Niece and nephew

The niece.

Me .

After enough of enjoy and relax beside the sea , we went to the bridge beside the sea to watch . 

Spot the long bridge

 A photo to prove that i'm at Kuala Besut . 

The Bridge .

We walk untill the half of the bridge and we walk back , we lazy . and the funny thing is all the car and motorcycle who passby the bridge keep honking at us . lol . We just walk and taking photo . They never see people use camera taking photo before is it ? Mostly malay .oops, i'm not racist . haha . swt.

You can see the cloud very clearly at there  , unlike in KL.

And you also can see the moon clearly , even the sky is still bright .

And u can see almost sunset too .

And there's goat too . There's bull too, but i didn't took any photo of it .

So , after that , we went back to my kampung house and bath and eat our dinner . Oh well, being in the house is not bored as we can play with her .

The cute little youngest nieces of mine .

So ,at 11pm ++ , we went back to my uncle house nearby to sleep . The main reason i want to stay there is because there got wifi for me to online . 

So yeah , that's the end of day 1 ! 

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  1. hi...i'm planning to go to pulau perhentian this month..luckily i found your blog stated about stesen bas kuala besut...if u don't mind, i would to ask u a few ques...

    1) it is any other bus companies/ticket counter at stesen bas k.besut? or only mailigai express?
    2) how far from jetty to this station?

    i'm really hope that u can help me...=)tq