Thursday, 30 December 2010

Be a Pink Angel !

Hello to all ! I'm a Pink Angel . I get to know this Be a Pink Angel event from Jessy , and i think it is a very meaningful event . Thus , i decided to blog about it here , sharing is caring . Be a Pink Angel is a fundraising campaign to help the third stage breast cancer patient survivors . It is a collaborative effort  between the Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) and GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals (GSK) to improve women's health by providing greater access and support to breast cancer patients. This campaign is open to everyone , male and female. Many people thought that only female will get breast cancer , if you think like that , you are absolutely wrong , male also can get breast cancer , just that the chances of getting it is lower than female . There are many people out there need our help . So , go 'like' Be a Pink Angel Page at facebook!  When you like their page , it means something to them , mmeans more people are supporting their fundraising campaign.

Of course like their page only is not enough . You must also spread the news to more people , ask more to like the page .Next , is your action as a Pink Angel . 

There are two ongoing fundraising campaign happening now !

1) Pink Angel Kite: The Sale Is On!

From 6 December 2010 to 13 January 2011 , the Pink Angel Roving Teams will be all over the hotspots around Klang Valley to sell the Pink Angels Kite . 

 This Pink Angel Kite will be selling at RM 10 each .

So, check their FB page frequently to know where they will be to sell this cute Pink Angel kite . It's just RM10 , and it is for charity purpose . Why not do some good deed ? And now comes the fun part , there will bea grand event at Metropolitan Park , Kepong on 15 January , 4pm , where all of us will fly this pink angel kite up in the sky . It will surely be fun ! This event signify hopes for the breast cancer patient survivor . I will buy this pink angel kite and i will sure be there at Metropolitan Park at Kepong on January 15 , 2011 , at 4pm to fly the pink angel kite up in the sky ! So , people , come join me okay? ! I shall se you all at there ! 

2) Pink Angel Combo @ J.CO

J.Co donut is a partner of Be a Pink Angel event . There are two combo selling for Pink Angel event from 1 December 2010 to 14 January 2011. The Pink Angel Combo 1 is selling at RM 13.40 . This combo consist of 1 cup strawberry yoghurt freeze and 1 pink donut from a choice of Heaven Berry, Berry Spears, Strawberry Choco Caviar or J.Crown Strawberry. The Pink Angel Combo 2 is selling at RM 12.90 . 

This combo consist of 6 pink donuts from a choice of Heaven Berry, Berry Spears, Strawberry Choco 

Caviar, and J.Crown Strawberry.

Go buy the Pink Angel Combo today or before 14 January 2011 ! J.CO Donuts & Coffee will be donating 

RM2.00 from the sale of each Pink Angel Combo to BCWA.

So people , go 'like' Be a Pink Angel Page at facebook!  Ask your friend to like it . Spread and promote it at Facebook . And for those who are blogger , promote it at your blog ! And then buy the Pink Angel Kite and come join in and fly the kite at Metropolitan Park at Kepong on January 15 , 2011 at 4pm ! Hope to see you all there !

This is a meaningful fundraising campaign ! By promoting it , you are already help the breast cancer patients ! Help them , they need our help ! 


  1. support this campaign! we dont want to see girls with breast cancer! XD

  2. is indeed a meaningful event...but it's too far la kepong...anyway, i'll suppot Jco^^

  3. Means I still can buy the donuts when Im back :D

  4. Henry Lee : Yes ! Suport support ! =D

    Eunice : Yea , it's a meaningful event. Oo, nvm la then , buy J Co donut also contributed to the donation .

    Hilda : Buy the donut and KIte . I dont mind fetch u to go fly the kite . Sure fun 1 ! =D

  5. yup. let's support this event. and do some good courses with zero cost.

  6. Anonymous : yes yes ! Must support this event ! =D