Thursday, 23 December 2010

I feel happy to give a Christmas gift to someone in need !

If you follow or read my blog since last year dec , u should know that i participate in the Gift-Out-Event at Cheras Leisure mall last year December 2009 . Okay ,if you dont know , here are the blog post  . How i get to know the event . I get to know this event through my friend , JiaWen's blog  . Here's her post for last year .

There's this Gift-Out-Event held at Cheras Leisure Mall every year . I had participate on last year . This year , today , i just went to participate and buy Christmas present for the orphan  again .

Okay , let me tell you what is Gift-Out-Event . Gift-Out-Event is a event organised by the shopping complex with the Orphanage . The purpose of this event is to ask the public to share their love and happiness with the orphan . Every orphan had their wishes , their wishlist , they hope to get Christmas present during Christmas too ! Orphan are different from every kids and everyone ! Everyone have parents , they all can just ask their parents to buy the things they want for them . But orphans cannot , they doesn't have any parents or guardian to but things they want for them . So , people , share your love to all of  this unfortunate orphan . They need s love , and care . They like Christmas too ! Let them feel the Christmas season also ! By just using an affordable amount of money, and U can get them a sweet Christmas, why not ? After all , you also getting present for your children , your cousin , or your sibling , or your nieces or relative . So ,just buy one present for one orphan too . The Gift-Out-Event  is start from 1 December until 26 December ! You still got four more days to buy the orphan a Christmas present ! Hurry go Cheras Leisure Mall Ground floor Concourse level ! All the orphan want for Christmas is just a present that they wish to have ! Share your love ! 

Oh wait , let me tell you how, Just few step only . 

First , Go to Cheras Leisure Mall Ground floor Concourse level  ,

You will see this place . This is the event place . 

Then , u will see this ,

and this  ,

Just follow the step . 

Next step is go to this room full of love tag of wishes of thing from the Orphan. 

Just choose one love tag ,and take it down , and read the love tag , see what the orphan want . 

 I choose this love tag .

It is from Sukhdave Singh A/L Jesvir Singh , 9 years old , from Gurpuri Foundation . He wish to have a game boy / Hot Wheels / Skateboards . 

So , you just need to choose and select any one item from the orphan love tag wishlist , then go buy that item for him or her  . 

I choose to buy Hot Wheels for Sukhdave Singh A/L Jesvir Singh . So , i went to Toy Story Shop to buy Hot Wheel cars .

I bought this two Hot Wheel cars to Sukhdave Singh A/L Jesvir Singh . 1 Spider Rider and 1 Hot Bird Hot Wheel Cars .

The next step is to go buy Christmas card and wrapping paper . The Christmas card is optional . But i bought a small Christmas card. And for the wrapping paper , there's a shop that sell wrapping paper and wrapping bag near the event place ,it is only RM1.50 . You can go buy it there . I bought mine there .

Here's my Christmas card and wrapping bag .

Next step , make sure everything ready , then you can start wrapping the present.

This is my Christmas present for Sukhdave Singh A/L Jesvir Singh after wrapped it ! 
Remember to paste the love tag you choose on the present ! There's a double sided tape provided at the back of the love tag . 

Okay, the last step is to place the Christmas Present into the Toy Bank .

Just open the Toy Bank window , and put the Christmas present inside the Toy Bank. 

Then , on 29 December 2010 , Cheras Leisure Mall will deliver your gifts and messages to the chilren that you picked ! 

Just with this few step , you will fullfilled a children wish , and you will share the Christmas Joy and happiness with them ! You will be happy and they will be happy too ! 
Why not ?
There's is no limit of price for the present , just choose and buy an item that you can afford .
I just spend RM15.80 for the present , cards , and wrapping bag .
I have buy a present for the orphan . I hope you all can go participate as well . It can be done with just few step ! 
Hurry hurry ! 
There's many more love tag wait for you ! Don't hesitate , faster go choose and buy a present for the orphans!
Share the Christmas Joy ! 

Till then , bye !  


  1. Aww~ so meaningful~ I wanna do this too!

  2. Jiayeen : Yes,it's very meaningful ! Go do also ! =D

  3. Eh u tooo a santa claus!!!! n i wanted to blog bout this charity event today. I was just there at leisure mall yesterday... was santa last year, no exceptional for this year oso...hehe..good good=)

  4. This really meaningful.. I think I will do the same this year.. =D

  5. Jessy : haha. Yes ,i'm a santa claus . So , u are santarina also ? u got participate for the event ? U got buy present for the orphan ? Faster blog blog ! =p Yes ,same same , i was santa last year , so this year also must be santa . =p It's a meaningful event after all ! =p Haha , i also at Leisure mall yesterday le , i at there from 4.30pm untill 6.30pm,what time u at there ? why i didn't see you geh ? i thought you at Midvalley ? =p should had call and meet up with you . lol =p

    Michael : yea , it is a meaningful event . Yes , do the same this year ! =D

  6. Jessy: Yes, i get present for one of the boys there last year and this year as well...same place... I was there quite late at night, around 9pm.. haha!

  7. Jessy : Good good ! i see i see . haha . No wonder didn't see you .lol =D