Thursday, 30 December 2010

Liki 19th Birthday Party

I had been invited to Liki Birthday on 23 December at Gasoline , Sunway Pyramid . The attendees are

Jiayeen and Me

Liki's Brother

Liki's Friend , Lily

Now let me show you the Birthday girl .

Liki  , the birthday girl

The Food :

This is what i order , Kam Heong Chicken Rice , Not bad , the food is nice . 

Other food :

After makan dinner , we chill a while . Then it is time to celebrate Liki's Birthday .

The Birthday girl and the cake

The Special Merry Christmas Birthday cake .

Cutting the cake and pose.

Blowing the candle 

Making her wish !

Me and the Birthday girl 

The Birthday girl and her brother 

After makan cake , it is the time for the birthday girl to open the present outside the restaurant . This is our tradition .

Present from Hitomi 

Present from Shannon

The Birthday Girl reading the card from me , Tony  , Edwin , Henry Lee ,Jiayeen ,  Kian Fai , and Henry Tan 

Concentrate in reading

The card from us ! 

Present from from me , Tony  , Edwin , Henry Lee ,Jiayeen ,  Kian Fai , and Henry Tan

Present from Shannon

Present from Hitomi 

Lastly , is the group photo session 

Well, overall, the food is nice , at least nicer than Wong Kok Char Chan Teng . 1 bad thing is the poor lighting . haha .

till then , bye 


  1. liki's bro actually looks like tony a bit in the picture! >..<

  2. Henry Lee : Lol ! Got meh ? hahaha

  3. heyo! Haha, finally you post..I still haven post your bday post jaja :pp

  4. Hitomi : hahaha ! yea , i finally post it ! u slow 1 lo . hahaha =p