Saturday, 4 December 2010

Sick => Exam => Holiday

i have not been sick for very long time . Okay la, not long , maybe few months . And now i'm coughing and flu just before exam . Great , isn't it . Been having headache too , wanted to take nap , but i know i can't , i need to study ! There's very less time left for me to study ! I will have 2 paper on next wednesday , 8 Dec . And another paper on 10 Dec. I have 4 more days to exam !  Having 2 paper on one day is not fun at all , somemore with only an hour and half gap in between only . I had always plan schedule for myself , but it always fail . I need more time ! But having 2 day exam is good too , at least i know that my holiday will arrive very fast . I have holiday from Dec 10 - Jan 10 . 1 month holiday ! aargh , i know m i shouldn't think of the holiday when my exam havent even start . But i just cant help to think that i got few event just 1 day after my exam which is on 11 Dec. And iwill be back at my mum hometown, Kuala Besut , Kelantan on 15 Dec to 19 Dec , i cant wait for it . Fyi, my mum hometown is very near to the pacific sea , and very near to the perhentian island jetty . It's a fishing village . It's very peaceful there . I always love the breeze air there . Oh yea, and christmas also coming soon . December is a month to be celebrate with joy , minus the exam part . Haha . Okay , i know i need to get back to study now . Time wait for no one . Wish me luck people ! Oh oh , before that ,i shall head for my dinner first . Happy weekend , and happy enjoying your dinner / supper . Happy December people ! See you all after my exam , which is on 10 Dec !

Till then , bye 
Peace out 
Jayren sign off and back to nerd status .

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