Saturday, 11 December 2010

The First Official Post of Jayren The Z.O.M.P.I.R.E + Holiday + Early Christmas !

Hello people , Leave It or Live It is back with a new name , Jayren The Z.O.M.P.I.R.E . people had been asking why Z.O.M.P.I.R.E ? My first idea is because zombie + vampire , thus , zompire . But that's not the reason behind it . The real reason why Z.O.M.P.I.R.E is because Z stand for Zest , means lively and energetic, i always try to live my life lively and energetic , after all we only live once , we should live to the fullest . O is because my blood type is O . M stand for Malaysian , i'm a Malaysian blogger . P stands for picky , i'm quite picky when eating food . I don't eat fish , and i dont like vegetable , i only eat Kangkung and bayam . I stand for impatience , i'm a very impatience person . R stands for real , obviously i'm a real person . E stands for exist , i'm exist in this world . So , that's form the word ,  Z.O.M.P.I.R.E . Thus , Jayren The Z.O.M.P.I.R.E is the name .

This will be the first official post of Jayren The Z.O.M.P.I.R.E . Sorry for abandon my blog for one week , i having exam . My exam had end on yesterday , and i'm officially having my 1 month holiday ! Yay ! happy , excited . There's many plan for my holiday , i will try my best to spend my holiday wisely . I will attend event and i will work part time as well . So anyone have any part time job to introduce me ? I need job! Just have a food gathering with Glitterati Plus blogger at Jaya One . Awesome max! Stay tuned for my post to know more . Oh yea , i will be back at my mum hometown at Kuala Besut , Kelantan this wednesday ! Cant wait for it ! In the mean time , here's some christmas decoration at 1 Utama that i captured on yesterday .

The Christmas Tree outside One Utama New Wing 

The decoration on top of the ceiling .

This year theme is Christmas town . 

 Christmas tree with present box.

 The whole Christmas town .

 Spotted Cold Storage , Famous Amos , and Twinning . Those are the real shop . There are sales promoter and product inside , you can shop inside the shop. How cool right ?

Christmas tree with flower ! nice nice .

The lucky bridge . 

 Jingle bell jingle bell, jingle all the way .

Oh, there's Memory Lane and Lovely Lace shop too.

 And L'OCCITANE too !

Flower !

 Fake snow !

 Fake skating ring ! haha

 Oh , you can redeem christmas bear  and calender drom one utama ! Term and condition apply !

 close up of the bear 

An early Merry Christmas wish to everyone ! Hoho , Merry Christmas ! 

Till then , bye 


  1. Reading your post makes me miss One Utama so much T__T Anyways, you're so lihai in making acronyms out of the meanings behind ZOMPIRE hehe

  2. haha ! Dont miss la. It's just one utama . When u back to Kl next year , one utama still here 1 .It wont fly away . haha . Wah ! Thanks thanks , i also randomly think of the acronyms one . hahaha =p