Sunday, 23 January 2011

2 movie on 22/ 1 / 2011

 I watched two Chinese New Year movie yesterday !

Courtesy of Bernard Chung (GreenTeaBern) and  UIP , i get to watch the special screening of  Homecoming at Cathay Cineplex , E@Curve at 10.30am  on yesterday , 22 January 2011 . I watch Homecoming with Bernard Chung , Xing , Hilda , Joanney , and Henry lee . 

As usual , i wont rate the movie , and i wont be spoiler . What i want to say is i always love Jack Neo , JTeam production movie . There's always a moral values behind their movie . And the movie is funny ! The moral values behind this Homecoming movie is to be united and eat reunion dinner together during the night before Chinese New Year day . It's a tradition to wait for everyone to reach back home to eat the reunion dinner . And to wear bright colour clothes during Chinese New Year .

I also like the mixture of malaysia cantonese and singapore english and chinese language used in the movie . There's also 1 part with 1 Malaysia . What i will say for this movie , it is awesome and funny as always ! The actor and actress who acted in the movie is all familiar , like ah niu , Koe Yeet , Jack Leo , Lee Guo Huang , and many more familiar actor and actress ! Go watch the movie with your family everyone ! i am sure you all will enjoy it . =D

From Left : Henry lee , Bernard Chung , Xing , Me , and Joanney

After the movie , we went to Ikea to eat the Meat Ball . We order 20 meat balls for just RM16 , that day got promotion , RM8 for 10 Meat Ball . And as spring chicken is also on promotion with just RM13.80 for 1 whole chicken , so we order 2 spring chicken . But we feel cheated as they give us potato instead of fries . And there's 6 % tax now . Everything got tax . sigh . 

Meat Ball ! 

The Spring Chicken 

The Spring Chicken is so hard to cut ,let's see how we cut the chicken . haha

After many time cutting the chicken , we finally can eat happily ! haha

See Bern eating his drumstick happily ! haha

See all the bone !

* All the photo is credited to Xing .

It's fun to hang out with all these Nuffnang blogger ! Glad to know them and hang out with them . Can't wait for more blogger outing and blogger meet up  . Nuffnangers rocks ! We definitely have fun watching movie and eating yesterday ! We are all fun when we back home ! 

Then after that we went back  home . 

And since mum got her own program at night ,and i need to eat dinner by my own , so i book 7.30pm Great Day movie at 1 Utama . So i went to one utama on 6pm . Collected my ticket , eat my quick dinner eating XXL Chicken at Shihlin . Then after dinner , head back to the cinema to watch Great Day ! 

This movie is okay okay only . My personal opinion is Homecoming is better than this movie . Well , there's some moral values behind this movie . The moral values is to respect the old and elder people , spend more time with your grandfather , uncle , father and other elder and old people in your family . Dont dump them in the old folk home , take care of them . There's a part i like which is the teacher say Our parents can take care of first half of our life, and we can only take care of the second half of our parent's life . So , we must take care of them as long as we are able to take care of them . And i also like the scene where the little girl go all the way to see her grandfather .

The movie is touching , i feel sad and feel touched when i watch some scene .

So , people , my advice is watch Great day first before Homecoming . Then , you will enjoy both movie !

Oh yea , Great day is acted by all the My FM DJ . and here's the two song in the movie sing by My FM DJ.

Enjoy the movie , people ! 

Till then , bye ! 


  1. Chop! Hehe...will read it tomorrow...zzz... :P

  2. RM13.80 for one whole chicken not one whole leg :P

  3. Yer... You eat chicken the whole day! =)

  4. wow! so nice la! bloggers outing! =)

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  6. I super like Great Day. Super touching movie!

  7. jayren.... how come dint invite me for the movie screening too??? >.<
    I mau join la...u all so fun..always go out geh....sedih er...go without me...

  8. Erika : Thanks for reading and support ! =D

    Hilda : Thanks ! I edited edy ! haha =p

    Qiwen : yes ! Nice nice ! =D

    Snowman : join us next time ! =p

    Caryne : homecoming better . =p

    Eunice : lol , cause bernard got the ticket 1 and only 6 ticket . Hehe , i invite you next time kay ! =D