Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Awesome way to end my 2010 and welcome 2011 !

People , how you celebrate and welcome your new year 2011 ? Mine is certainly awesome ! I celebrate my new year eve bbq-ing  with the bloggers and friends . Yes , we have a BBQ party at my house from 7pm until 11pm. The people who attend the BBQ party are Tony , Henry Lee , Fariz , Hitomi , Cayenne , Pennie , Kian Fai , Ching Yih  , Chern Horng , Chin Chuan , Miaw Fen , Shok Yin , Zi Qin , Teck Kean , Wingsern . We have fun bbq .

Oh , there's entertainment too ! 

Guitar strumming and singing by Tony , Henry Lee and Fariz 

Here's a video of Henry Lee and Fariz singing Nobody

There's some game session after BBQ too !

After the game session , it's time to clean the house !

Photo Credits to Cayenne

Then we take few group photo before we went to countdown at The Curve

All group photo credits to Cayenne

After that , we drove and park at shophouses near The Curve , then we walk to The Curve as the road to The Curve is blocked . We saw fireworks when we reach the road outside The Curve .

And here's the 2 fireworks video that i managed to captured using my compact camera .

Happy New Year 2011 from all of us !

 we blocked the road by taking group photo while many people walking back to their car after the countdown

All group photo credits to Cayenne

If you think that's the end of our party , you are wrong , after the countdown , we went to Asia Cafe Kota Damansara to yumcha to avoid traffic jam after countdown .

Playing with Pennie's laptop webcam

Photo credits to Pennie

If you think the fun stop here , you are wrong ,stay tuned to my next blog post ! 

Till then , bye .


  1. Happy New Year to Jayren Zompire!

  2. Wow, you guys had so much fun..Happy New Year :)

  3. Awesome time!!! Happy New Year 2011!! :D

  4. HAHAHA you look so funny in the last webcam pic :P and why you no keep kai yik for me? I want bbq also )):

  5. Kian Fai : happy New Year to you too ! =D

    Stephanie : Thanks for the visit ! Yeap ,it is fun ! Happy new year 2011 to you too ! =D

    Joanney : Yes , we have lots of fun ! hahaha ! =D

    Liki : Yes , definitely an awesome time ! =D

    Hilda : Haha , i know i'm funny . =p Wah , keep kai yik for u ah , later rosak dy lo . Haha . Sure got lots of chance to bbq 1 . haha =D

  6. jayleo : Haha ! Thanks dude ! Yours also awesome ! =D