Monday, 31 January 2011

Bloggers Lou Sang @ Sri Melaka One Utama

hello people , how do you all spend your friday night ? For me , i spend my friday night with a huge bunch of bloggers and friends . We bloggers are like a big family .

Let's flash back to what i do on friday . On friday ,  i went out from my house at 3.30pm to fetch Jessy and Eli  to avoid jam , but the jam already started . So after pick up both of them at 4.50pm , we went to One World hotel to fetch Tikkoss , then off we went to One Utama . We reach One Utama at about 6pm, thus we decided to go to the Old Town Kopitiam to yumcha and chill while waiting for the others to reach One Utama . 

And Tikkoss order a lot of  toast . And one funny thing is he just point to this and that in the menu , he dont know what he order . Lol . Then when the toast come , there's double piece of peanut toast , and single piece of peanut toast , and Tikkoss ask us why that plate only got one piece of peanut toast ! Hahaha ! Funny ! Okay , i just being lame . Haha

The sweet loving couple , Bernard and Evelyn join us in Oldtown too .

The girls at Old Town Kopitiam . From left : JiayeenEli , Jessy and Evelyn . 

The Guys at Old Town Kopitiam . From Left , Tikkoss , Kian Fai and a blogger who dont want his name to be mentioned .

More and more people join us in Old Town Kopitiam later on . I think there's about 10 people chilling and yumcha at Old Town Kopitiam ,while waiting for another 25 people who most probalbly were stucked in the massive traffic jam . 

* All the photo taken at Old Town Kopitiam is credited to Evelyn .

Then , at 7.30pm , we pay the bill and went to Tutti Frutti to meet up with Henry Tan , then off we went to Sri Melaka to wait for the others to arrive .

This photo is credited to Li Chuen .

The great organizer , Xing booked 4 table in Sri Melaka for us . Can u imagine how many people joining ?  I'm not going to tell you , go to Sri Melaka to see how big 1 table is at there . Lol . 

At about 8.30pm , most of the people had reach Sri Melaka . So , we start to order food and drinks . I know you all want to see all the delicious food photo , but be patient , let me introduce the attendees first . 

From left : Eli , Tikkoss , and Cayenne

From left : Bernard , Evelyn , and Jessy

 Front from left : Spectre , *low profile person* , Edwin , Jiayeen , and Li Chuen
Back : Kian Fai

Another super sweet loving couple , Carmen Wong and Joey Seok

Elias , Melissa , and Sher

Stephanie ( Right ) 

From left : Simon , Xing ( The Organizer )  , me , Kahmon , and Carmen Wong .

From left : kuromeowiie , Glam , Jacob , and me .

From left : Henry Tan and Simon ( This photo credited to Xing )

Y-Square and Jackieloi ( This photo credited to Yeeingng )

Here's another sweet loving couple , Yeeingng and Boon Yau . ( This photo credited to Yeeingng )

Henry Lee ( Standing )  and Toninkush ( second from left ) join us too !(This photo is credited to Henry Tan

And tell you what , Nana Eddy and Shah also join us lousang . Now , who say only Chinese can lousang . 1 Malaysia ma . 

Nana Eddy ( sitting left ) and Shah ( Standing right ) joined us too ! (This photo is credited to Henry Tan)

Okay , above are all the attendees . A lot right ? This is the most biggest and awesome gathering ever , applause and claps to the great organizer , Xing !

I know a lot of you all cant wait to know what food we eat , some of you all may directly scroll down to here and see , i know right ? So now let me reveal to you the food that we all eat .

My table is the most traditional as we order few dishes , the dishes that we order are :

Pandan Chicken 

Sizzling tofu 

Sweet and Sour Chicken 

Kerabu Mango 

I had no comment over the food as i am not a food blogger , so you all just go and try and discover how it taste like yourself .

The another 3 table order their own individual rice or noodles . 

After dinner , it is the highlight part of the night , Lou Sang !!!!

Each table had 1 lousang . 

Yee Sang ( This photo is credited to Carmen Wong )

Now , i shall show you all how we all lou sang .

Ganas eh ? ( This photo credited to Xing )

And this is the result of the yee sang after the lou sang .

My table , not so terrible .

Li Chuen's table , more civilized . 

Xing's table , most terrible ! 

Carmen Wong's table , not that terrible . ( This photo is credited to Carmen Wong )

Although we create a mess on the table , but we all definitely have fun lou sang ! 

After lousang , we chit chat a while , and then we leave the place . But there's sure got a group photo before we leave Sri Melaka One Utama . 

Bloggers Rockzz !

Thanks to the photographer of the day ! 

If you thought this is the ending of the gathering , you are totally wrong ! some of us went for after party at Nasi Kayu mamak at Chow Yang near SS2 . The people who went there were Me , Tikkoss , Jessy , Eli ,Simon , Xing , Carmen Wong and Joey Seok , Toninkush  , Kian Fai , Melissa  and Sher . 

( This photo is credited to Carmen Wong )

( This photo is credited to Carmen Wong )

( This photo is credited to Carmen Wong )

Some of them eat Roti Tissue . ( This photo is credited to Xing )

( This photo is credited to Xing )

( This photo is credited to Xing )

( This photo is credited to Xing )

I reach home at about 2.30am . It is a long day ! But i just love to spend my tome with all this lovely and awesome bloggers ! I enjoy to meet my bloggers friend and i enjoy knowing new people too! I cant wait or the next gathering ! I hope to know everyone better . I definitely had fun on friday night ! 

Till then , bye .


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    By Kian Fai

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