Monday, 24 January 2011

Can you feel the Chinese New Year Atmosphere ?

Hello people , Chinese New Year is coming soon ! Another 2 weeks more is Chinese New Year already . Are you all ready . I am certainly ready and cant wait for Chinese New year to come .

My mum had make few yummy Chinese New Year Cookies .

We bought food and drink for Chinese New Year too ! 

Mandarin Oranges 

4 bottle of soft drinks 

I also had bought new clothes for Chinese New Year .

2 jeans , 2 shorts , and 2 T-Shirt

My house also been decorated to Chinese New Year atmosphere .

Lantern , Tanglung 

Red Cloth 

Plant with Chinese New Year decoration too !

Overall Exterior decoration .

Let's see the interior CNY Decoration of my house . 

Guess you all know what is this word mean , right ? 

I forgot what's the plant name edy . 

Fish ! Nian nian you yu !

Other than my house , One Utama also ready with Chinese New Year Decoration . 

Simple but nice , right ?

The Tanglung 

See the majesty chair ? cool huh ? 

I like the word ! xi means happy ! 

The word is all around the ceiling too !

Chrysanthemum flower , ju hua .

The 'tandu'

The ancient Bicycle 

Lastly , Chinese New Year will not be fun without Chinese New Year song , right ? Here's few 2011 Chinese New Year song . 

I'm here to wish Happy Chinese New Year to every of my friend , family , relatives , Nuffnangers , Inniters ,and everyone who read my blog now , and everyone who support Jayren The Z.O.M.P.I.R.E from it started until now ! Happy Chinese New Year to all ! 

Till then , bye ! 


  1. Did you help to make the cookies and putting up those decorations? =D you make me lost focus on my books now, so wanna go back tong tong chiang! I want to go home ='(

  2. Waaaaa I can feel it alrdy, everywhere so red! :P Wait for me at yr hse ahh, I will go bai nian.

  3. GONG HEI FATT CHOY...angpau saya? hahah!! :P

  4. I went to 1U ytd but I did not take pics :P I wan angpau!!

  5. dai yang tian is so cute !!!

  6. Gong hei Gong Hei, ang pow na lai!

  7. Qiwen : i help to eat only ! hahaha . Be patience , you can go home soon 1 ! =D

    Hilda : sure sure , come my house bai nian la . hahaha ! =D

    Joanne , Stephanie and Jessy : Gong hei fatt choi , i belum married , so no angpow . haha =p

    Mich : yea , hahaha =D

    Jfook : Happy Chinese New Year ! =D