Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Great way to start off 2011 at Broga Hill

So at 2am ++ , we left Asia cafe as Ching Yih and his gang want to go to Broga Hill to see the first sunrise of 2011 ! Then it was a random last minute decision that me , Tony , Pennie , and Henry Lee want to join them to see the first sunrise of 2011 at Broga Hill . So , Ching Yih and his gang went back to Taman Desa to rest a while and get change  , while me , Tony , Henry Lee , and Pennie went back to our house to rest and get change . Then at 3.50am , off i go to fetch Henry Lee, Pennie , and Tony . Then we reached Midvalley at 4.30 am to meet up with ching Yih and his gang . Me and Chern Horng is the driver . So with 11 people and 2 car , we off to go to Broga Hill at semenyih . The people who went to Broga Hill are me , Tony , Henry Lee , Pennie , Ching Yih , Chern Horng , Chin Chuan , Shok Yin , Zi Qin , Teck Kean , Wingsern and Shirley .

We reach Broga Hill at 5.20am . Tony and Pennie sleep throughout the journey there . I want to sleep but i cant sleep as i am the driver . lol

There's a lot of car and people already at there when we reach the Broga Hill car park . 

Everyone get ready and energised to climb the hill , but we need to wait for another friend of Ching Yih first .

Okay , Ching Yih friend reach . and we are on a mission to climb Broga Hill !

We climb with insufficient light .

Yes ! we make it to the first peak ! 

And there's already many people reach there to wait for the first sunrise of 2011 .

Since it is just 6.15 am only when we reach first peak , and the sun will only be rise by 7.15 am according to Chern Horng . So , we rest a while and we decided to climb to the second peak .

We reach second peak at 6.45 am . Then we decided to wait at there for the sunrise of 2011 . 

Okay , i know you all cant wait to see the first sunrise of 2011 ! Here you go ! 

Nice isn't it ? =D

After witnessed the first sunrise in 2011 , we decided to continue to climb to the third peak which is the last peak of Broga Hill .

That's the third peak .

We reached the  third peak of Broga Hill , the puncak Bukit Broga at about 8am . Yes , our mission completed ! We manage to conquer the 400m of  Broga Hill !

We reach the ground at 9am . I would say it is fun to climb and hike Broga Hill with all this fun and awesome people . It is exciting and meaningful to see the first sunrise of 2011 ! It is a great way to start off the year 2011 . Although we are all exhausted after didn't sleep for the whole night and after the climbing , but it is all worth it to see the first sunrise of 2011 . We all are happy and excited when we reach the puncak bukit broga .  We had completed our mission !  

The parking fee at there is RM2 , after paying the parking fee , we went to a coffee shop nearby to eat our breakfast . We eat wantan mee without wantan . When we ask the auntie that sell the wantan mee why no wantan , and the auntie say they sell wantan mee without wantan 1 ! LOL !  few of us drink 100 plus to replenish our energy . I drink two can of 100 plus to replenish my energy . 

After breakfast , all of us went home , and most of us skip our lunch and sleep whole day ! So , this is how we start off our new year 2011 ! Awesome !  It is certainly an unforgettable new year eve and new year 2011!

To all who are reading now , you all should go climb Broga Hill if you all never been there before . It will be an awesome and great experience for you all . How to go there ? Here's a map for you all . It is near to University of Nottingham , Semenyih . And it is at the border of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan .

*All photo credited to me , Henry Lee  , Ching Yih , and Chern Horng

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Till then , bye .


  1. waaa you wear jeans to climb broga hill, so yeng!

  2. Hilda : Hahaha, cause i tak ada tracksuit ma . Yeng leh ! =p

  3. so great to go there with bunch of friends!!! i went there too that day.. first sunrise of 2011 is awesome!! ^^

  4. Casley : wow ! Great , right ? Yes , is awesome to go with a bunch of friend , with all the fun people . yes , absolutely , the first sunrise of 2011 is awesome !

    Stephanie : Yes , go broga hill ! Must go ! =D

  5. no need tracksuit la. wear jeans enough =D

    awesome post! haha

  6. Jayleo : wah ! thanks thanks ! Yours too ! =D