Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Kelantan / Terengganu Food

People , for youer information , my mum is from Terengganu  , and my mum  hometown is at Kuala Besut , Terengganu . So now i would like to introduce to you all the awesome Kelantan / Terengganu food .

The first food i am going to introduce to you all is Nasi Kerabu .

Nasi Kerabu / Nasi Ulam is a nasi with a lot of diferent type of  raw vegetables like ulam , taugeh and etc . It's a very healthy dish . You can eat it with fish , and remember to eat with budu . It;s awesome . And not to forget to eat with red chili or thick type of santan chili and keropok . It's an awesome dish . You must go try it . My mum can cook this dish well . i always craved for it .You would wonder why the rice is green , because the rice is make from some green herbs . There's no colouring . Some nasi ulam / kerabu rice is blue colour . Overall , it's a healthy dish . I nt mistaken , there's a restaurant at Puchong sell this dish . 

Next , i will introduce you all Nasi Dagang .

Nasi Dagang is nasi pulut merah with gulai ,and eat with acar and fish curry ! and you can add egg too ! Awesome max i tell u ! haha

Next on , i will introduce you all Laksam. 

Laksam is a form of kway teow that make from rice flour ,and eat it with gravy made from fish , and eat it with belacan . It taste awesome and yummylicious ! 

Next on , let me introduce you the famous kuih at Terengganu , Keropok Lekor 

Keropok lekor is a keropok that make from fish , it is something special and nice !

Next on , i will introduce to you all Sata . 

This is an awesome kuih ! a must try ! 

Next Kelantan / Terengganu kuih i going to introduce is Pulut Lepah .

Pulut Lepah is made from Glutinous rice ( Pulut ) and Boiled fish meat is mixed with sliced onions, and dried chilies and coconut. Awesome kuih , another must try kuih ! 

Till then , bye !


  1. I didn't know they are all from Terengganu. I tried laksam but I didnt like it D: keropok lekor is always the best with the chili!! YUMS

  2. Hilda : yes yes , all are from Terengganu . = Laksam is awesome whey ! why dont like ? =p Yes , keropok lekor is awesome ! But Terengganu 1 more betyer and original , K.L 1 tak boleh la . haha

  3. the food looks prettty good, least i wun have food depression for the moment...haha!

  4. Jessy : Told you ! haha . The food ain't that bad 1 kay ! you wont have the food depression 1 . =D

  5. bagusla u ni..
    promote makanan negeri kita..