Friday, 21 January 2011

Lunch at Reminisce cafe

On yesterday , 19 January 2011 , Wednesday , i meet up with Miss Skinny at Midvalley Megamall for lunch . I suggested to eat our lunch at Remisniscence cafe , as i had read a good review from Spectre .


Reminisce cafe is a cafe that located same row as Delicious and Maybank . Their concept is to let us reminisce all our childhood time . Their interior focus mostly on what we do during our childhood . The cafe provide a retro ambience . The cafe also provide all the food that we crave during our childhood ranging from toys, junk food and snacks that will make us think back our childhood memories .

Okay , now let me show you all the interior of the cafe . 

The Reminisce cafe is very spacious with nice chair and table setting , and with nice ambience too .

The counter sell sweet too ! and the counter design using brick like those traditional house . 

I like this part a lot . The wall write 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8  in chinese , is like when you learn to count when you are a child. And all the sweet on the shelf , definitely will let you think back of your childhood . 

Saw the old fan , old typewriter , the old roller blade   , and old piano , It really provide retro ambience and let us remember our childhood .

Oh , and you can leave them some comment on the sticky paper also.

All types of sweet 


Traditional Gasing 

The old type of soft drink glass bottle . 

There , i'm sure you all will remember some of your childhood right ? Yes ? No ?

Okay , let's move on to the food section which i think a lot of you all cant wait . 

There are set meal available with a main dish , a dessert and a cold drink all in 1 set . 

Oh yea , i only capture 2 set meal , which is what we eat ! haha

Miss Skinny Dry Curry Mee .

Miss Skinny drink , forgot what's the drink name . Oops . Should be lemon ice .

Miss Skinny dessert , Red Bean 'tong sui' which she didn't like to eat . lol 

My Black Pepper Chicken Rice with Teh O Ice and Red Bean ' tong sui '
*wondering whose finger is that*

Both two set meal cost RM 11.50 each set meal .  And there's 10 % taxes . Overall the food is nice , ambience is nice . Miss Skinny say the food is nice too . I think i will go back to the restaurant to eat next time .

No photo of me and Miss Skinny , cause she say she is ugly that day . haha 

The address of Reminisce Cafe 你還記得你的舊相好嗎?is :

Megamall Mid Valley Lot G(E)-019
Kuala LumpurMalaysia59200

So , people , you all can go visit and dine at the cafe also . 

Oh yea , i not promoting the cafe as in an advertorial post . It is not an advertorial post . I just share it to you all . Sharing is caring . XD 

P.S : I receive something funny in my blog cbox . I shall show u all now . haha . Got a person write this at my cbox :  

Your Father!:
What a shame! A child with a **** face. Pity you lah my son. You are just pathetic! My wife did not teach you? Go for a plastic surgery please!

Lol . So funny , when i got a father online . haha . And he write "my wife" . Means he got another wife outside ? Lol Funny ! haha . And i dont need a plastic surgery la . Lol . Really a good joke ! =D And what's with the **** ? haha

Till then , bye . 


  1. Pretty interesting place to hang out!
    I wonder if it's a Halal spot!
    Nice review... :)
    Nice Pics too!

  2. The dry curry pan mee looks like Chicken curry with maggi mee lol! OMG the black pepper chicken rice looks awesome! Damn, I wan eat too

  3. This restaurant look very elegant n exclusive

  4. Wah very nice restaurant! Btw, why you didnt take her pic la, I wanna see leng lui face. KIDDING!

  5. You actually linked every single name of hers HAHAH :P I shall go try also cause I think the price is quite reasonable (:

  6. Love the atmosphere of the cafe! Must go and visit ;D heh!

  7. LOL jayren u booked the cafe? why no customer

  8. I went there last night! the food was nice and the atmostphere was good too!

  9. food looks simple.. but the place is spacious!

  10. Yor no nid tell whole world I say I look ugly right, LOLZ=p

  11. Dewi & Teratai : I checked dy , it is a non- halal restaurant .

    Crazy : Go eat la then ! haha =D

    TCRain : yea , this restaurant is nice ! GO try ! =D

    Steph : yea , i know , i saw your blog , u blog about it too ! haha =D

    Yeeing : haha , cant take her leng lui face . lol you go her blog see can dy. lol =p

    Hilda : yes , i link every single 1 . =p Yes ! go try ! =D

    Yi Han : Yes , go visit go visit ! =D

    Ck : Didn't book ah . =p

    Snowman : yea , i know , u go with steph , saw at steph blog . haha

    Ken : The food is simple and nice ! and yes , the cafe is spacious ! Go try ! =D

    Jessy : hahahaha ! Need ! i like ahh ! but actually you are leng lui lo . =p