Thursday, 27 January 2011

Malaysian Dog Abuser


Imagine , when you see this cute poodle , will you torture or abuse him / her ? Dog also is a life ! They deserve to be treated same as any other life creature . Being an owner of the dog , you should had take good care and love your dog . If you adopt the dog just for you to let out all your anger at the dog , then you better get a boxing pillow or go learn boxing . 

I dont have a pet dog , and although i afraid of dog , but i will not ever torture a dog like that .  

This is a story of a poodle being tortured , boxing , and being throwed by his / her owner , a couple . It had been a trending issues at facebook after a video of this cute little poodle being tortured and abused being released at facebook . 

Facebook is a powerful tool . Many people start investigate who this guy in the video is . Many people also commenting on this video . And some people even create a hate group page . I also heard that they put the guy house address , car plate number and phone number at facebook . And at last they found out that guy in the video is Allan Tan , and the person who capture the video is believed to be his girl friend , Doreen Loo . I would not say exposure of this video in facebook is a bad thing , at least it aware us about abuser of the dog . Imagine ,if there's no facebook , we dont even know what happen , and we wont even know this dog abuser case . 

I cant bear to watch finish the video , it just so pain to see a dog being throwed , boxed , and being beat by the guy . The guy actually just want the dog to stand , but the dog cant stand well, and he start abuse and torture the dog . I would say dog can stand if you train it well in a proper way . This is a wrong way to force a dog to stand . The guy is really heartless and crazy ! And his girlfriend who captured the video should have stop his boyfriend to do that to a poodle , but she didn't do that and instead continue film it . I cant understand why and how a human can behave like that ! 

And from what i read from the news from The Sun paper yesterday , the poodle had died 3 years ago , and it is happen in Malaysia . how sad it is to know a poodle being killed by his / her own owner ! 

There should not be revenge for the guy and the girl . I wont curse them , but my opinion is , they should really come out to public and admit their wrong . This is a serious case , and they can be jailed . 

If they dont admit their wrong , they will live in guilt forever . And if they really didn't did it or innocent , please walk out to public and explain it . 

I heard from my friend that many people attempt and will report this case to SPCA and the Police . And from what i sawa tweet in twitter today from @ which say :  if you're around IDP dang wangi, do join Suren of ROAR in making the police report against the poodle abusers at 1130am . People are making police report against the poodle abuser , which is a good thing instead of just comment at facebook . Action speak better than words .

Lastly , i really hope that the law authority like Police really take a serious considerations of action toward the dog abuser . And i want to clarify that i am not pissed , i'm writing this post to share my opinion on the case . I had have my say , what about you ? Feel free to share it out ya. 

Till then , bye 


  1. cute!!! that asshole really no brain de lor

  2. I feel so sad for the poodle )): I can't even watch finish the video, damn heartache lo sighh the guy is srsly crazy!

  3. this guy and his gf is barking mad!

  4. After a few seconds of watching the poodle being slapped and all the torturing, I closed the webpage because I couldn't watch it anymore. This is such a sad case! :( I wish I could own the poodle in the video to give it a much better life.

  5. I don't even dare to watch the video after those comments how this dog was abused and tortured. By just reading those comments, wanna cry already.. So heart wrecking for cute poodle like this ='(

  6. Joanne : Yea la . =0

    Hilda : same here ! the guy is crazy !

    Ernest : totally agree !

    Michael : yea , very cruel

    Laila : no need curse them , hope they get punishment .

    Jiamin : yea , i understand that . I wish too ! =D

    Erika : yea whey , same here .

    Qi Wen : yea whey , they are heartless ! =0