Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Malaysian Peanut Pancake - Apam Balik

Today after class , i went to a malay stall near my house to buy Apam Balik as my tea time food as i am hungry. I bought a big Apam Balik with only RM 2.00. I didn't eat it for a long time already .The photo below is only the half of the Apam Balik , as i took the photo after i eat 2 piece . haha

Apam Balik 

So , what is Apam Balik ? Apam Balik is a Malaysian kuih . It is also called Malaysian Peanut Pancake ,There's a lot of Peanut filling inside the thick Apam .

Peanut and Jagung filling ! awesome !

So , people , go try it. You can get it anywhere. It is an awesome Malaysian kuih . It is best to eat when it is hot.

Till then , bye !


  1. I should make a post of roti canai.. Swt la you ate 2 pieces already only take picture... But then now I got no roti canai left to blog about. You should tell me earlier you're blogging about apam balik.. hahaXD

  2. I gonna eat this this week, miss the taste!! Hopefully is not going to rain on thursday so I can buy it from Pasar Malam! LOL~~ =]

  3. eeiii, i want i want, this is my fav...

  4. apam balik looks like man zhang kuih one :P haha long time no makan jor *drool*

  5. tasty! im hungry now lol. I prefer jagung :)

  6. i really miss that sigh... (counting my money)

  7. cayenne : Yay ! =D

    Qiwen : lol , i suddenly think of blog about it 1 woh . haha

    Kahmon : Yes ! go eat ! =D

    Joeanney : go buy and eat ! haha =D

    Crazy : Go buy and eat . haha

    Stephanie : good . hehe

    Hilda : High 5 !! same here . =D

    Cassy ! Go buy and eat !

    your humble servant : Go buy and eat ! haha =D

  8. I dun like it with corn lol i will always ask them not to put corn XP

  9. i prefer the crispy version

  10. Me too haven't been eating it for years already. Would've tried it out one day. :D

  11. I love my apam balik with lots of corn minus the peanuts. xP

  12. Domokun : same , i dont like corn too ! hehe

    Baby : oo , i know that 1 ! hehe . That 1 nice too ! =D

    Jiamin : faster go buy and eat !=D

    Erikja : so weird eh . haha =p People mau eat more peanut, u mau eat more corn . lol . hehe