Wednesday, 19 January 2011

My Mum CNY homemake cookies

My mum will make some cookies for chinese new year every year , here are few cookies that my mum already make this year .

The drogon / caterpillar cookies

Nga Ku 

This are only the two cookies my mum made , more to come . 2 more weeks to Chinese New Year now ! That's fast ! 

Till then , bye 


  1. Do you help yr mum to bake the cookies as well or you help to eat only? CNY, I wanna go yr hse bai nian ahhh :P

  2. Was here~ =D

    I'm waiting for mummy's cookies too!! Haha.. i heard that she's going to make some.

  3. Hilda : haha ! i help to eat only ! =p Lol , come come , u are welcome to come bai nian . =p

    Bendan : Yes ,wait wait , mum bake cookies always the best ! =D