Sunday, 9 January 2011

One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race

Life is sucks without food ! Life is only awesome with food ! Ever heard the saying from the old or elder people ? They always say that you can eat is happiness ( 'fook' in chinese ) . So when you get to eat nice food , appreciate it and eat untill the last piece , never waste the food . Food is precious . Food is heaven .

When talking about food , i will be super excited . I love food a lot . Believe it or not , i eat 5 meals a day .  So , when i get to know The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race by Nuffnang and Maxis , i am very happy and excited . I want to join this food race . For your information , The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race is a food race edition of amazing race , 60 bloggers that are selected will  race against time to complete various food challenges all around Malaysia and win great prizes!

Now , let me tell you why i would like to be a part of this The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race . Firstly , i'm a fans of Amazing Race , i always like this type of race , it is excited and challenging . Now , The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race is something like Amazing Race style , and best of all is a food edition of Amazing Race . We will get to savours the best Malaysian cuisine , i'm already hungry now when i think that i will get to eat tons of  awesome food , i can't wait for it . To tell you the truth , i can't live without food . I cant think properly or do things properly when i am hungry . Sometime i will also go mad without food . When i crave for a food , i will go all out for the food , time and distance will not matter anymore , as long as i get to eat the food , i will be satisfied .

When my friend introduced some yummy and tasty food , i will directly go try and eat the food . Yummy and delicious food is love . Nothing will be more better and more awesome than eating nice and delicious food . And because i love to eat delicious and yummy food , i had join few food review that are organised by my fellow blogger friend . My first food review would be the Full House Sunway Giza food review  . Courtesy of my fellow blogger friend , i get to try the new menu of Full House . Being able to eat and savour all the nice food is awesome ! 

From the main dish , spaghetti to  chicken chop to crab to burger to lamb to oyster to fish and lastly to the dessert , everything is very yummy and delicious , i just can't stop myself from eating all this delicious food . And i need to eat more food . Yes , i want more food ! 

Then , the most recent food review i had join is the Nuffnang Glitterati Plus food gathering . I get to eat a lot of delicious food ranging from Thai cuisine to Korean cuisine and to dessert . 

Tom Yam soup ! 

Green Curry Chicken ,  Seafood Hot Plate , Tamarind Fish , Spicy Pamelo Salad .

Korean BBQ Chicken ! 

Frontera Dessert ! Watermelon and Honeydew !

Cake ! The Chipotle Chocolate Brownies, Pina Colda Sombrero and Strawberry Quatro Leches.

And the Special Ice Cream from The Last Polka Dot . 

Yes , i am certainly crazy over food ! That's why i would like to be part of  The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race . I want more delicious and yummy food ! 

Next reason is , i always like to share nice food to all the people and all my reader , sharing is caring . I will make my own food review , i will introduced all the nice and delicious food that i had try to my reader . So far , the food that i introduced to my reader are Nasi Ulam and Ramly Burger  , Snowflake  , food at Kitchen Creatures  , Crispy Thin Garlic Pizza , Mook's Pizza , China Burger , and  Takoyaki from Taman Connought Pasar Malam 

Nasi Ulam 

Ramly Burger 

Snowflake bestsellers ( cold and hot )

Chicken wing fried rice from Kitchen Creatures 

Banger and mash from Kitchen Creatures 

Crispy Thin Garlic Pizza from Taman Connought Pasar Malam 

Mook's Pizza from  Taman Connought Pasar Malam

China Burger from Taman Connought Pasar Malam

Takoyaki from Pasar Malam Taman Connought 

Yes ! You will go OMG ! , WAHH ! , WOWWW ! , YUMMYLICIOUS ! with all these awesome food . 

So if i can be part of The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race , i get to do more food review and i can introduce to more people about all the awesome and best Malaysian Cuisine i had eat in the race . 

The last reason that why i would like to be a part of The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race is because i want to try and eat all the best Malaysian Cuisine all around Malaysia ! Despite that i am born and live in K.L and Malaysia , i haven't even travel finish the whole Malaysia . So , this will be a great chance for me to travel around Malaysia , and what's more i will get to eat all the best and delicious food all around Malaysia . This is all i ever wanted and wish for . I always envy when i heard from my friend that they get to eat nice and dleicious food at Penang , Ipoh , Melaka , Johor and other state around Malaysia . So now with Maxis Om Nom Nom Race , my dream may be realised , and it will be the great opportunity for me to eat all i want or the food all around Malaysia .

Of course , i would need to drive a car to all those places indicate in the race .But fear no more , as i have my own car and i got a valid driving licence and i had been driving for 4 year . I might be not familiar with the road , but i doesn't need to be scared , as Maxis will provide all of us with an Iphone 4 equipped with Maxis  FINDER301 application . Maxis FINDER301 is  Malaysia Best and easiest way to find places around us , in other way , it will be act as the GPS for us . So , i doesn't need to worry even if  i'm not familiar with the road to all the places indicate in the race . Scared of cannot do food and blog review when i'm on the go , i doesn't  need to worry as Maxis will provide us with a laptop and Maxis Wireless Broadband Modem . So , i doesn't need to worry that i cant do food and blog review when i'm on the go or when that restaurant doesn't have wireless service .

Check out these 2 link :

Of course i cant finish all the task in the race all by my own . I will need a team of 4 member to complete all the task . So , now i will introduce you all to my team member , the team member of I EAT , I RUN , I WIN are Me (Jayren ) , Yuh Jiun  , Bernard , and Lih Wern . 

From Left : Bernard , Me ( Jayren ) , Lih Wern , and Yuh Jiun . The Team name is I EAT , I RUN , I WIN . 

Nobody can stop me from getting the food ! I will run and chase the food happily ! I need food ! 

The size that i desired for The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race T- Shirt would be L . 

I hope i will be selected to be part of  The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race !

Till then , bye ! 


  1. Wow, good luck bro!! You gonna win with those yummie food photo because I'm drooling already! Pfffttt~ I think I've to add on 100 sit ups now!! *sweat*

  2. I want to try that garlic pizza, like so yummy only and also nasi ulam! :D Btw, I thought chingyih in yr group? Since when bern in also? Hehe All the best to you guys btw!!

  3. Bendan KM : Warh ! haha . Thanks thanks ! I hope i can be selected and win too ! =D Hahaha ! 100 sits up , good ma , exercise is good ! =p

    Hilda : Yes ! Nasi ulam and the garlic pizza is awesome man !~ haha . Chingyih in another group . haha. YHes , bern in my group . hahaha . Thanks thanks ! =D

  4. Lih- Wern : Helo my team member ! =D

  5.! *wipes drool off*
    I honestly cannot remember the words I read coz the photos we so mouth watering. Haha.

  6. Scarlett : wah ! thanks thanks ! haha, then go eat all the food ! =D

  7. wah, all the best to you! must win ya

  8. Hitomi : i hope i selected 1st lo . If not how to win . haha . Thanks anyway ! =D

  9. i think this is the second time i check urs.. coz cannot comment when using my phone

  10. Careen : Haha , yes . Awesome food ! go try all the food ! =D

    Tikoss : wah , thanks thanks ! =D