Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race - Strawberry Fields

 Hello readers, this is Latte =)

You may have recognized me from Bernard blog. I will be controlling the keyboard today because yours truly Bern is kinda busy. In case you do not know what is going to happen today, it’s the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race Day. YAY! I am so excited because the most awesome and dynamic team alive - I EAT, I RUN, I WIN will be going around the Klang Valley to participate in the ‘food edition’ of Amazing Race! Haha, I even over-heard that they did mentioned something like “They can smell Hong Kong already!” last night - LOL!!

YES, I AM ANXIOUSLY WAITING FOR THE TEAM’S FIRST POST. ARRGGGHHH, I wonder where are them now? Let me put on my ‘Viking Nervous Helmet’ first while waiting for their e-mail.


Oh, I have received a new e-mail and it’s from Bern! YAY!! I bet you guys must be anxious to know about it right? Let’s read what they have to say. *Excited*


Hello LATTE,

I EAT, I RUN, I WIN writes from the first check point of the day. Can you guess where we are now?

Yes? No? Anyway, I shall not start the day with too much suspense. You will have plenty of them this whole day. Anyway, we are here at Strawberry Fields,. This fancy but humble restaurant has been established since 1988, serving various kind of general Asian cuisine and plenty of mixture of Western infusion and Halal Chinese food. To add in the uniqueness, they also served Thailand infused dishes. Strawberry Fields is located at Lot 14, Jalan Tengah PJ New Town (PJ State), Petaling Jaya, 46200 Selangor which is about several minutes away from our first clue marshal.

We got off on a tricky start but we managed to arrive here just in time to taste our first ‘Om Nom Nom’ session. For those who aren’t familiar with this place, Strawberry Fields offers plenty of food and beverages at reasonable price. As always, it is our job to make your saliva drools! Be prepared to get awesomefied. Let’s look at their food shall we?

(1) Chicken Wings With French Fries. OH MY GOD!!! This is a healthy combination. Why you ask?The chicken wings are fired in juicy and tenderly crispy but it comes with blends of green vegetables. Fries is ORGASMIC!!

(2) TomYam Chicken + Rice. It is an authentic Tom Yam style of great Thai serving. It is not that spicy but it is deliciously blend with rich herbs and spices. People who can't bear the spicy-ness still can enjoy it.

(3) Sago Gula Melaka. Here's our dessert. Richly sugarly and fattening, rich in aroma and crafted in style because the sago is in heart shape. SUPREMELY SWEET

Don't worry, the price here is quite reasonable.

Okay, time is running out Latte.... We need to move on to the next check point. Do keep in touch with our latest okay!! See ya!!



Oh no, I have ‘no eye see’. T_T
ISH..., they are obviously tempting me with their FOOD. It’s only the first out of five, Oh NO!!
Okay guys, stay tune for part two yeah!! =)

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