Saturday, 26 February 2011

Food Tasting session at My Honeymoon Dessert

I had been invited to attend food tasting session at My Honeymoon Dessert Kota Damansara by Nuffnang Glitterati Plus on yesterday night .

The staff at the shop and the senior account executive of My honeymoon dessert , Mrs. Khooi is so nice . They introduce us with all the nice dessert of their shop .

Before i introduce the food , let me show you the interior of the shop . 

This place is a very nice place for hang out , yumcha , dating and spend time with your loves one . You will feel sweet eating all the dessert . 

And they had seat at outside too . A very cute chair and table . 

There's an celebrity board inside the cafe too . 

Spot any celebrity that you know ?

Okay , i know you all cant wait to see all the dessert . Everyone love food , right ? So , now i going to introduce you all the dessert that i try . 

1.  Durian Pancake and Mango Pancake  , which cost RM9 . 

Left : Durian Pancake , Right : Mango Pancake 
Mango Pancake , saw the mango filling ?

Durian Pancake , saw the durian filling .

The Mango Pancake and Durian Pancake is very yummy and filling , there's thick durian and mango filling inside the pancake . I like this very much . 

2. Mango Cream with Sago and Pamelo , which cost RM 12 .

Spot the sago , and the yellow colour thingy is Mango cream . 

This Mango cream with pamelo and sago is nice , it is not too sweet , the taste is just nice . If you are a sago and mango lover , u will sure love this dessert . 

3. Mango Special Maruko , which cost RM 13 .

The left side is mango , while the right side is Glutinous ball.

This dessert taste nice with the blend of mango , and eating the glutinous ball with the mango is awesome and yummy . 

4. Perfect 10 , which cost RM 10 

Why it called Perfect 10 , because there are 10 glutinous ball inside with 2 different filling , black sesame and red bean paste .

I would really reccommend you all to try this , it really taste yummylicious . The Glutinous ball is nice to eat , and there's really a lot of filling inside , it will satisfy you . 

5. Sesame Ball , coated with crushed peanut , which cost RM7 .

This dessert is delicious . Eat the black sesame glutinous ball with the crushed peanut , it just taste so awesome and yummy . You will eat not just one , but more . 

6. Sesame Cream , which cost RM6

The sesame cream is very smooth and nice to eat . I enjoy this one a lot too . A must try .

7. Sweet Potato Ginger Soup , which cost RM4.

The sweet potato is soft and just nice , and the soup had a strong ginger taste . Another yummy dessert . 

8. Chocalate Waffle 

The Chocalate Waffle is a homemade one , they make it themselves . The waffle is soft and nice , and the chocalate topping is yummy . 

9. Sweet Heart 

Sweet heart had crushed peanut on top of the ice cream , beside the ice cream is mini glutinous ball , and below the ice cream is red bean . And below the red bean is mashed sweet potato . With the peanut , glutinous ball , red bean , ice cream , and sweet potato , it just taste sweet and filling . 

10. Tofu Sweetheart , which cost RM 11 .

This dessert is definitely a healthy dessert wit all the fruits . Good for those who like healthy dessert .

11. Mellow Fellow Pastry , which cost RM 16.

The ice cream is yummy , the biscuit is crispy , the mango and fruit in between the biscuit is tasty . It is a perfect combination . This dessert is definitely yummy . 

12. Mango Love , which cost RM 12 .

The Mango taste nice and it's really make you cold eating this . 

This is all the dessert we tried on yesterday . But there's definitely more dessert to try . 

Now , let me show you the Nuffnang Glitterati Plus blogger who went to this food Tasting Session . 

Sorry , i forgot some blogger name  , i only reemember Shah , the president of Gplus , and Rachel the nuffies.

From left to right : Tony , Yih Yann , Nikel  , Shannon , and Jackie

My table ( From left to right ) , Nikel , me , Tony , and Yih Yann .

We go back home with very full stomache yesterday . Thanks to Nuffnang Glitterati Plus for organizing this food tasting . 

My honeymoon Dessert available at Kepong , One Utama , Sunway Pyramid , and Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara . 

Go try it people ! 

Till Then , bye . =D

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A Great Teacher will influence and change a Person's Life !

A great teacher will influence and change a Person's Life ? Do you agree ? I am 100% agree . The way i am now , the way i behave now , my manners , my life now , somehow is shape by my teacher . I would not say all , but 80% of it are . 

I do remember all my teacher , there are good one , not so good one . Of course , sometime , you hate the way all the teacher treat you strictly , but think back now , if they dont treat you strictly , will you became a good person with manners now ? They scold and beat you is for your own good ! No teacher willing to beat or scold you , we are like son and daughter for them in the school . So , never hate teacher .

You may think that there's no great teacher in this world , but you are totally wrong , i had a lot of great teacher in my 23 years life . Until now , i still remember them . I still remember when i was in standard 5 , there were a great teacher that teach me chinese , she is also our class teacher , Yang lao shi , Miss Yong . She beat us with cane when we do wrong something or didn't do homework . I admit that i hate her and dont like her that time. But now to think back , if that time she didn't beat us with cane , we wont work hard and always do homework and try to do it correctly . We do that to avoid the cane . See , there's reason why she beat us, and i still remember her untill now . And another great teacher is Wang lao shi , my standard 6 class teacher , she is a very nice and dedicated teacher , she teach us patiently and teach us a lot of thing . Wang lao shi also used to be my sister's teacher also . She came to the hospital when she get to know about my sister sickness. So nice of her ! I truly appreaciate it . Talking of this , i didn't went back to my primary school since i graduate . I shall go back 1 day . I miss all the teacher . Heard that they are fine . i shall pay them a visit soon .

There are also great teacher that i encountered during my secondary school life . During my form 1 life , there are few great teacher , Pn.Siti Aishah , my Kemahiran Hidup teacher is a very nice teacher , she always ensure that we learn everything from what she teach . I live her lesson much . Then during my form 2 life , I encounter another great teacher which is my english teacher , Pn. Lily . Another great teacher i encounter in my form 1 and form 2 is Encik Cheng , he is a very nice teacher . He is a caring teacher as well . Even till now , we still keep in touch in facebook , and he often ask us how's our life . So nice of him .  . And during form 3 , i encounter another great teacher , guess who she is , she is a special person , she is Pn. Ngiam , and she is my mother . Yes , my mother teach me when i am form 3 , she teach me science .

Okay , you must be thinking , teached by your own mother is scary . Not at all i would say , Is me who want to work hard and go into the first class where my mother teach science at that class . Talking of this , i would really want to thanks my mother . I still remember i get not very good result in my UPSR , so i cant enter good school , so my mother register me at the school she teach . She put me in the second best class , so that i wont get to mixed with bad student . So , i work hard and get into first class, the best class in my form 2 and form 3. All thanks to my mother ! My mother only help me in my form 1 . I get into first class in my form 2 and form 3 all because of my own effort , i work hard for it .

You know , is a great thing that i study in the school my mother teached . Because i need to motivate myself to do better and get better marks in every subject , i cant humiliate yourself . Cause people used to think that teacher's son should do well . And if i get bad result , my teacher will tell my mother as they are colleague . I still remember got 1 time , i get a bad result for my general math during form 5, then my mum get to know it , and my mum ask me why . But she didn't really scold me , she motivate me , and ask my math teacher to give me extra class after school . And i managed to get an A for general math in My SPM . All thanks to my another great teacher , Pn. Low ! I really appreaciate it much . Another 1 is when i get good result in my form 3 math , 96% , my math teacher happily tell my mother , and i can sense that my mother is happy .

Being in the same class where my mother teach me is never a bad thing . There's pressure to motivate you to do better and better in every exam . You will be the first one to get to know your result  , and all your classmates will ask you for their result . I am proud to say that i score A in my PMR , i didn't dissapoint my mother . All thanks to my mother for the teaching in class and tution . My mother is my superwoman . 

Another great teacher in my life is my form 4 & 5 chemistry tuition teacher , Mr. Lim . He is a very good and dedicated teacher . He is strict at times , but it is definitely for our own good . I still remember got 1 time during my tuition class , he ask us to draw the experiment , and he come and check all our drawing . I happen to simply draw that day , so he scolded me , and say if i dont want to attend her class , i can leave the class . I almost cry that time . I say i really want to attend the class and learn , i ask for a second chance . Then , he ask me to go back home and draw it again . This time i draw it nicely , and he like my work . He is another great teacher in my life . I really remember him until now . 

Of course , there are many many more great teacher in my life , i cant mention it all , but i really remember all my great teacher in my life . They are the one who shape and make  me a better person with manners now . 

Teacher is a great profession , but nowadays lesser and lesser people want to be a teacher . More teacher is needed for our future generation . I admit that i also been influenced by my mum to be a teacher , but i know i am not qualified to be a teacher , if i be a teacher , i sure will bully by the student . But to all who want to be a teacher , just go for it . Teacher is also a great profession and career .

Here's my salutation to the two great teacher , Miss Erika Toh and Miss Gloria . Keep it up and continue teaching ! I salute you two . You two are awesome. We need more of teacher like them .

For all my teacher out there , i really remember , appreaciate and cherish what you teach me . You all are the one who shape and make me who i am today !

For all the other teacher out there , keep it up ! and continue teaching ! We need more teacher like you all . You all are awesome ! 

Remember , all the teacher dont hope for any return , all they want is you to become a useful person . 

Lastly , i want to say again , a great teacher will influence and change a Person's Life ! I totally agree with it , and i believe it ! It is true ! 

Till then ! bye

Sunday, 20 February 2011

I’ve Got the Power with Sucker Punch

Close your eyes. Open your mind. You will be unprepared. “Sucker Punch” is an epic action fantasy 
that takes us into the vivid imagination of a young girl whose dream world provides the ultimate escape from her darker reality. Unrestrained by the boundaries of time and place, she is free to go where her mind takes her, and
 her incredible adventures blur the lines between what’s real and what is imaginary.
She has been locked away against her will, but Babydoll (Emily Browning) has not lost her will to survive. Determined to fight for her freedom, she urges four other young girls—the outspoken Rocket (Jena Malone), the street-smart Blondie (Vanessa Hudgens), the fiercely loyal Amber (Jamie Chung) and the reluctant 
Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish)—to band together and try to escape their terrible fate at the hands of their captors,
 Blue (Oscar Isaac), Madam Gorski (Carla Gugino) and the High Roller (Jon Hamm).
Led by Babydoll, the girls engage in fantastical warfare against everything from samurais to serpents, with
 a virtual arsenal at their disposal. Together, they must decide what they are willing to sacrifice in order to 
stay alive. But with the help of a Wise Man (Scott Glenn), their unbelievable journey—if they succeed—will set 
them free.
This is a contest by Nuffnang to win 2 movie ticket to watch the Premier Screening of Sucker Punch .
So, if I were held against my will with Babydoll and her team ,and to escape with them.  First , i 
would impress and supply them with weapon . That weapon that i going to supply to them are :
Combination of knife and short gun 
Crossbow ! 
M16 ! 
Pistol ! 
This is all the weapon we going to use . 
Next , as we got 6 hot babes in babydoll team , i will impress them with my intelligence mind , 
muscular muscle , muscular biceps and triceps . I need to show them my strong power that i able to help
 them to defeat the enemies . 
Then , i need to get their trust , i will try to bond with them , i will chat and get to know them well first . 
When i get to know them more and better , and get their trust , i will discuss the strategy 
and tactic to escape with them . i will share with them my strategy to escape . 
The strategy i going to use is ask the hottie babes in babydoll and her team to be spy and try to seduce
 the enemy , and get to know them better . And when we get to know the enemy better , we will use back 
the same tactic and strategy to defeat them .
Being the only guy in the team , i will instruct babydoll and her team on all their action , i will train them
 to become super strong woman , where they can have more power sucker punch . We will have 
an intensive training together , and together we will have the most powerful sucker punch ever .  
Lastly , i will wait for the right time , then i will team up with the hottie babes in babydoll and her team 
and we will sucker punch the enemy together ! and we will escape from that creepy and torturing place and live happily ever after ! =D

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Another Get Together Party

On 15 February 2011 ( Tuesday ) , i went to a get together party . Guess whose house the party held at ?

This is Carmen !

Yes ! We went to Carmen's house to party ! She is so nice to invite us to her house for a potluck party ! And i tell you what , her house is like a 'museum' . Everyone took photo of her house . Her garden is super nice ! Dont believe? See the photo below then.

The Pathway 

The light .

The Garden 

The Antique wooden bicycle . 

The pondok . 

Nice , isn't it ? Anyway , me , Xue Ren , Vince and his friend , Keith , Tikkoss , Henry Tan , Dustyhawk , and Amelia are the few which reach the party early . 

Back row : Dustyhawk , Vince and Keith 
Front row : Xue Ren , Henry Tan , Me , and Tikkoss 

Carmen was so nice to decorate her house with candle , which gave us a romantic feel . 

Oh yea , this is not only a Blogger's party , Carmen also invite her friend and cousin too . 

Carmen and her friend . 

So , more and more people came to Carmen's house .

Tony Reach the party .

 Oh yea , Carmen is so nice , she introduce the guest to everyone whenever someone reach the party . 

Hilda and Her Boyfriend reach the party at about 9pm 

So do Sherry and Melissa .

The Party officially started at 9pm . 

First off , as 18 February ( Friday ) is Amelia Birthday . Dustyhawk had planned a suprise birthday for Amelia at Carmen's house . For your information , Amelia happened to be my uni classmate . haha

The cake 

See her happy and shock face ! 

Jfook and Kian Fai reached late . haha

Now ,let's move to the food . 

We got Pizza , Sausage , Nugget , Sandwich , Agar-Agar , wat tan hor , Hokkien mee , soft drinks and Lactose Chocalate Soya drink ! Nice food and drink ! 

After dinner , we divide ourself to two group . One group Gamble , while those who don't gamble played UNO. Who say we can't play UNO during Chinese New Year ! hahaha =D

They Gamble !

UNO ! 

Yes ! We played UNO ! 

The very big group of people play cards and gamble . 

Guess who's the winner for the night . Hilda and Li Chuen , they two very 'huat' ahhh ! haha

Oh , we Skype with Eli who cant attend the party too . 

I fetch Xue Ren home earlier at 10pm ++ , as she got early class on the next day . This is me and her .

Some of them went home early , but we blogger still stay on and play cards . The night is still young , we wont leave as long as it havent past 12 am . 

We camwhore with Carmen's big rose too ! haha

Oh , we played chor dai tee too ! Want to see my epic moment . I joined in for the last game of Chor dai tee . And i dont really know how to play Chor dai tee, so i ask them , can i put 4, 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , and they burst out laughing . Haha 

See ! They laughing ! haha

See ! They still laughing ! haha

But , thanks to Carmen for helping me , she is such a nice person .

Oh , did i tell you that we got 2 guitarist and 1 pianist that entertain us ? haha

Tony and Henry Lee the guitarist 

Joey the Pianist 

And Carmen is the singer ! haha 

Next is the camwhoring session .

Me and Li Chuen 

Tikkoss , me , Suresh , and Henry Tan

The party officially ended at 2pm . 

And this is the people who stayed until 2am ! haha 

This is me and the beautiful and nice organizer , Carmen 

Lastly , to Carmen , thanks for organizing this potluck gathering party at your house , i really enjoyed the night ! I enjoy party with the blogger ! The party is awesome ! And i really appreciate and cherish your effort towards organizing the party ! Carmen , you rocks ! You are the most nice and awesome organizer ever  ! Thanks for the party once again , Carmen . =D  Carmen , Thanks to your family too ! Your mum and dad and the whole family rocks ! =D

Till then , bye !