Saturday, 19 February 2011

Annual Secondary School Classmate CNY Visitation

As usual during Chinese New Year , me and my secondary school classmate will go to bai nian to each of our house . It's like a tradition for us every year after we graduate from secondary school since 5 years ago .So , this year, thanks to the organizer , Joshua Tan a.k.a Chicky Tan plan to have the bai nian session on 11 February 2011 ( Friday ) and 12 February 2011 ( Saturday ) this year . We went to 11 house in total.

I didn't go to the dinner and visitation of 2 house on 11 February 2011 ( Friday ) as my aunty and her family came over to our house for dinner .

So i suppose to reach the first house , Denis's house  at 9am on 12 February 2011 ( Saturday ) . But i overslept , so i reach the first house at 10.30pm . Well , everyone late also , only few were early and punctual .

We basically eat and chat at Denis's House . Am so excited to see all my friend there .

One group photo before we went to next house at 11pm .

So , we went to the next house which is Zhe Chua house , we went to his house with 8 car , as almost everyone drive their own car . 

We played Monopoly Deal at Zhe Chua house , nice game . haha

Monopoly Deal ! 

At 12pm , we went to the noodle shop we used to go everyday after our class at school last time , miss it much .

We all eat the ' Sang Mee ' , it is the famous noodle there .

The famous ' Sang Mee '

After lunch , we went to the third house , Eline's house . This time , we went there with three car only as it is near , we carpool . 

Oh yeah , and the gambling session start at the third house . 

We gamble very small only . see below .

Another group photo at Eline's house before we went to the fourth house of the day . Spot the 2 rabbit.

Leave to the fourth house at about 2pm . The fourth house is Woon's house . 

Photo taken by my friend's iphone , super like the effect ! 

We are welcomed by the fish in the house . 

We just eat and eat and chat . Then , we leave to the fifth house , Kenny's house at about 3pm .

We eat guai ling gou , lim teh , and played mafia at Kenny's house . 

We leave to the sixth house, Chee Chai's house  at 5pm .

We gambled again at Chee Chai's house . And we eat and drink at his house . We leave to the seventh house , Kang Wei's house at 6pm . 

This time , a cat welcome us . 

Oh , and Kang Wei house got rootbeer and keropok .

We gambled at Kang Wei house until 7pm . Then , everyone back home to prepare and bath for dinner .

We meet at Coffee Chemistry Cafe at Sunway Giza at 8pm for dinner . This is my second time dine at there . I like that cafe much. My friend like it too ! 

see , my friend happily checking the HTC gadgets !

I eat this ! Spicy Carbonara .

A group photo of us before we leave . 

So , at 9pm , we leave and went to the 8th house , which is my house .

We watched America Idol , eat and drink , skype with our another 2 friend at overseas , which are Joven and Hui Lih . Miss they two much ! 

We went to the last house, Han Sin's house at about 11pm . 


We gambled at his house again . But this time with chips . 

I went back home early at 1.30am . Reach my house at about 2am . A long day , but i enjoyed it much ! Next year will be a big CNY visitation , as it is our year , the year of Dragon . And many of our friend will be back to Malaysia . I can't wait for it ! =D

Till then , bye !


  1. awww. so fun.. I didn't get to meet my friends this year.. what a big difference!

  2. Qi Wen : Nvm , next year you can meet them ! =D