Saturday, 19 February 2011

Another Get Together Party

On 15 February 2011 ( Tuesday ) , i went to a get together party . Guess whose house the party held at ?

This is Carmen !

Yes ! We went to Carmen's house to party ! She is so nice to invite us to her house for a potluck party ! And i tell you what , her house is like a 'museum' . Everyone took photo of her house . Her garden is super nice ! Dont believe? See the photo below then.

The Pathway 

The light .

The Garden 

The Antique wooden bicycle . 

The pondok . 

Nice , isn't it ? Anyway , me , Xue Ren , Vince and his friend , Keith , Tikkoss , Henry Tan , Dustyhawk , and Amelia are the few which reach the party early . 

Back row : Dustyhawk , Vince and Keith 
Front row : Xue Ren , Henry Tan , Me , and Tikkoss 

Carmen was so nice to decorate her house with candle , which gave us a romantic feel . 

Oh yea , this is not only a Blogger's party , Carmen also invite her friend and cousin too . 

Carmen and her friend . 

So , more and more people came to Carmen's house .

Tony Reach the party .

 Oh yea , Carmen is so nice , she introduce the guest to everyone whenever someone reach the party . 

Hilda and Her Boyfriend reach the party at about 9pm 

So do Sherry and Melissa .

The Party officially started at 9pm . 

First off , as 18 February ( Friday ) is Amelia Birthday . Dustyhawk had planned a suprise birthday for Amelia at Carmen's house . For your information , Amelia happened to be my uni classmate . haha

The cake 

See her happy and shock face ! 

Jfook and Kian Fai reached late . haha

Now ,let's move to the food . 

We got Pizza , Sausage , Nugget , Sandwich , Agar-Agar , wat tan hor , Hokkien mee , soft drinks and Lactose Chocalate Soya drink ! Nice food and drink ! 

After dinner , we divide ourself to two group . One group Gamble , while those who don't gamble played UNO. Who say we can't play UNO during Chinese New Year ! hahaha =D

They Gamble !

UNO ! 

Yes ! We played UNO ! 

The very big group of people play cards and gamble . 

Guess who's the winner for the night . Hilda and Li Chuen , they two very 'huat' ahhh ! haha

Oh , we Skype with Eli who cant attend the party too . 

I fetch Xue Ren home earlier at 10pm ++ , as she got early class on the next day . This is me and her .

Some of them went home early , but we blogger still stay on and play cards . The night is still young , we wont leave as long as it havent past 12 am . 

We camwhore with Carmen's big rose too ! haha

Oh , we played chor dai tee too ! Want to see my epic moment . I joined in for the last game of Chor dai tee . And i dont really know how to play Chor dai tee, so i ask them , can i put 4, 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , and they burst out laughing . Haha 

See ! They laughing ! haha

See ! They still laughing ! haha

But , thanks to Carmen for helping me , she is such a nice person .

Oh , did i tell you that we got 2 guitarist and 1 pianist that entertain us ? haha

Tony and Henry Lee the guitarist 

Joey the Pianist 

And Carmen is the singer ! haha 

Next is the camwhoring session .

Me and Li Chuen 

Tikkoss , me , Suresh , and Henry Tan

The party officially ended at 2pm . 

And this is the people who stayed until 2am ! haha 

This is me and the beautiful and nice organizer , Carmen 

Lastly , to Carmen , thanks for organizing this potluck gathering party at your house , i really enjoyed the night ! I enjoy party with the blogger ! The party is awesome ! And i really appreciate and cherish your effort towards organizing the party ! Carmen , you rocks ! You are the most nice and awesome organizer ever  ! Thanks for the party once again , Carmen . =D  Carmen , Thanks to your family too ! Your mum and dad and the whole family rocks ! =D

Till then , bye !


  1. The under dressed Jfook on that night. I still can't get over it haha

  2. So happy I was included in the blogpost! haha XD Thanks for skyping, Jayren! =D

  3. the date is 15th not 14th :P

  4. nice post. very well written. enjoyed reading it. hehe.

  5. Can't wait for more gathering with you guys! :D and it was my first time meeting so many of them; serge, jfook, chuen, suresh, kianfai, sherry & melissa!

  6. Jfook : No , you are not under dressed la . hehe

    Qi Wen : you are welcome ! =D

    Chuen : Thanks for it , i edit it dy . =D

    Xing : Thanks thanks ! =D

    Hilda : yes , join more gathering ! =D