Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Bloggers Meet Up at Coffee Chemistry Cafe , Sunway Giza Mall

Guess which blogger we meet on last sunday ?

Yes ! we meet up with Miss Erika Toh ( Right ) . 

Firstly , i want to apologised that me and Erika  were late for the meet up due to some technical problem , but we glad that the others were happily waiting for us .

So after fetching Erika from The Curve , we rush to Coffee Chemistry Cafe ar Sunway Giza Mall , Kota Damansara . It is easy to find Coffee Chemistry Cafe , it is located above Movida , and in between Potluck and Full House . 

As the signage is not up yet , just look for cubic platform . How to enter the cafe ? Just walk to the left side of movida ,there will be a staircase go up to the Coffee Chemistry Cafe .

Yes , is this staircase . This photo is credited to Xing . 

This is the entrance to the Coffee Chemistry Cafe . This photo is credited to Henry Lee .

When we enter the Coffee Chemistry Cafe , we saw the other bloggers was playing the HTC phone games . Yes , Coffee Chemistry Cafe is a concept shop that also sell HTC phone .

All busy Playing the HTC phone !

Guess what game they playing ?

Angry Bird 

And some puzzle game . 


One of the HTC phone 

The phone platform ! 

I heard from the owner of the cafe , Vialentino that a mini Digi center will open inside the Coffee Chemistry Cafe soon , where you can dine and pay your Digi Bill at the same time . Cool huh ? And Canon will also open a small counter displaying and sell all the canon camera in the cafe itself. The concept is so cool !

Now , you will sure ask how's the restaurant . Let me show you .

This photo is credited to Henry Lee .

This photo is credited to Henry Lee .

This photo is credited to Henry Lee .

This cafe is spacious and comfortable with a very nice arrangement of chair and table . It will  definitely a nice place for gathering and yumcha with friends and family . And what's more , you can online at there too , they got 5mbps Unifi Wifi at there ! You can dine and take your time to online at the cafe .  

Other than that , Coffee Chemistry Cafe had nice background for you to camwhore too ! 

See ! all the bloggers were happily camwhoring that day !

Okay , now , you all sure ask how's the food at there. Let me introduce the nice food recommended by the Cafe owner that day . Although i missed the food part due to the late reach , but from what i heard from my bloggers friend , the food is superb there ! 

If you went to that cafe , be sure to drink their coffee , they are the  1st in Malaysia serving The World's Finest Coffee , Graffeo.

This photo is credited to Henry Lee .

And their coffee is special too , because their coffee had coffee art !

Mocha with flower art ! =D This photo is credited to Xing . 

Mocha with love art ! This photo is credited to Xing .

Mocha with another coffee art ! This photo is credited to Henry Lee .

Basically , every cup of mocha and coffee had different coffee art . The Mocha there taste awesome and delicious ! 

For those who dont drink coffee , you all can try the cafe homemade lemonade and lime juice . The cafe serve sift drinks and tea too .

Next, let me introduce you the food there . All the food served at Coffee Chemistry Cafe doesn't have MSG and the price of the food and drinks there is nett , there will be no tax and service charges . All the food and drinks is affordable there . All the food at the cafe is pork free and halal . 

The Seafood Carbonara Spaghetti ( RM 14.90 ). Must Try ! it is awesome and delicious! This photo is credited to Henry Lee .

Chicken and Mushroom Pie ( RM 5.90 ) . another must try ! recommended by the owner of the cafe , Vialentino ! This photo is credited to Henry Lee .

Chicken Marinated with Herbs ( RM 10.90 )  This photo is credited to Henry Lee .

Bacon & Onion Frittata ( RM 5.90 )  This dish is very filling and nice ! Good combination of bacon and omellette. This photo is credited to Henry Lee .

Nachos ( RM 9.90 )  A nice dish !  This photo is credited to Henry Lee .

Carrot & Potato Soup ( RM 8.90 ) . The soup is served with toast . This photo is credited to Henry Lee .

This is the owner of the Cafe , Vialentino . He is a friendly guy , and he gave us a warm hospitality that we truly appreciate it ! 

There are more food at the cafe . Go try and experience it yourself ! 

We really enjoy ourself at the Cafe .

Front from left : Erika , Hui Fang , Yuh Jiun  , and Henry Lee
Back : Kian Fai 

Front from left  : Jiayeen , Xing , and Henry Lee
Back from left : Toninkush , and Kian Fai 

Melissa ( The most left )

This photo is credited to Henry Lee .

The girls ! 

The Guys ! 

So, faster come experience the cafe yourself ! You will definitely like the place ! 

If you had any enquiries about the cafe , you can always Facebook them , yes , they had facebook . Here's their facebook : Coffee Chemistry Cafe  .

Lastly , here's the group photo of the day ! 

Happy New Year to everyone ! Have a safe trio back to hometown and Have fun in this Chinese New Year ! Gong Xi Fa Cai ! Hope you all get a lot of ang pow ! Huat ahhh ! =D

Till then , bye !


  1. Haha! Great Post Bro! Next time jom eat 1 more time in CCC! I fell in love with the Chicken Mushroom Pie!

  2. Kian Fai : Thanks thanks ! haha ! sure sure ! =D

  3. Wah ure the first to upload. u want a trophy anot?!?!? next time we go there yamcha again la since the price is reasonable and u haven't try any of their food before!

  4. this is place looks very cozy.. good place for gathering and yumcha! nice post!

  5. Xing : no need trophy la haha =p . Yes , sure ! Let's go there yumcha again ! i want to try all the food there ! =D

    Qiwen : Thanks ! yes , is a good place for gathering and yumcha ! =D

  6. Wooo ~ I can't believe you spell my Chinese name correctly here.. LOL !!

  7. Wah...finally I get to read your post on our gathering!^^ What a lovely write up about it! Thanks for being such a great friend. You're the best! :D