Saturday, 26 February 2011

Food Tasting session at My Honeymoon Dessert

I had been invited to attend food tasting session at My Honeymoon Dessert Kota Damansara by Nuffnang Glitterati Plus on yesterday night .

The staff at the shop and the senior account executive of My honeymoon dessert , Mrs. Khooi is so nice . They introduce us with all the nice dessert of their shop .

Before i introduce the food , let me show you the interior of the shop . 

This place is a very nice place for hang out , yumcha , dating and spend time with your loves one . You will feel sweet eating all the dessert . 

And they had seat at outside too . A very cute chair and table . 

There's an celebrity board inside the cafe too . 

Spot any celebrity that you know ?

Okay , i know you all cant wait to see all the dessert . Everyone love food , right ? So , now i going to introduce you all the dessert that i try . 

1.  Durian Pancake and Mango Pancake  , which cost RM9 . 

Left : Durian Pancake , Right : Mango Pancake 
Mango Pancake , saw the mango filling ?

Durian Pancake , saw the durian filling .

The Mango Pancake and Durian Pancake is very yummy and filling , there's thick durian and mango filling inside the pancake . I like this very much . 

2. Mango Cream with Sago and Pamelo , which cost RM 12 .

Spot the sago , and the yellow colour thingy is Mango cream . 

This Mango cream with pamelo and sago is nice , it is not too sweet , the taste is just nice . If you are a sago and mango lover , u will sure love this dessert . 

3. Mango Special Maruko , which cost RM 13 .

The left side is mango , while the right side is Glutinous ball.

This dessert taste nice with the blend of mango , and eating the glutinous ball with the mango is awesome and yummy . 

4. Perfect 10 , which cost RM 10 

Why it called Perfect 10 , because there are 10 glutinous ball inside with 2 different filling , black sesame and red bean paste .

I would really reccommend you all to try this , it really taste yummylicious . The Glutinous ball is nice to eat , and there's really a lot of filling inside , it will satisfy you . 

5. Sesame Ball , coated with crushed peanut , which cost RM7 .

This dessert is delicious . Eat the black sesame glutinous ball with the crushed peanut , it just taste so awesome and yummy . You will eat not just one , but more . 

6. Sesame Cream , which cost RM6

The sesame cream is very smooth and nice to eat . I enjoy this one a lot too . A must try .

7. Sweet Potato Ginger Soup , which cost RM4.

The sweet potato is soft and just nice , and the soup had a strong ginger taste . Another yummy dessert . 

8. Chocalate Waffle 

The Chocalate Waffle is a homemade one , they make it themselves . The waffle is soft and nice , and the chocalate topping is yummy . 

9. Sweet Heart 

Sweet heart had crushed peanut on top of the ice cream , beside the ice cream is mini glutinous ball , and below the ice cream is red bean . And below the red bean is mashed sweet potato . With the peanut , glutinous ball , red bean , ice cream , and sweet potato , it just taste sweet and filling . 

10. Tofu Sweetheart , which cost RM 11 .

This dessert is definitely a healthy dessert wit all the fruits . Good for those who like healthy dessert .

11. Mellow Fellow Pastry , which cost RM 16.

The ice cream is yummy , the biscuit is crispy , the mango and fruit in between the biscuit is tasty . It is a perfect combination . This dessert is definitely yummy . 

12. Mango Love , which cost RM 12 .

The Mango taste nice and it's really make you cold eating this . 

This is all the dessert we tried on yesterday . But there's definitely more dessert to try . 

Now , let me show you the Nuffnang Glitterati Plus blogger who went to this food Tasting Session . 

Sorry , i forgot some blogger name  , i only reemember Shah , the president of Gplus , and Rachel the nuffies.

From left to right : Tony , Yih Yann , Nikel  , Shannon , and Jackie

My table ( From left to right ) , Nikel , me , Tony , and Yih Yann .

We go back home with very full stomache yesterday . Thanks to Nuffnang Glitterati Plus for organizing this food tasting . 

My honeymoon Dessert available at Kepong , One Utama , Sunway Pyramid , and Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara . 

Go try it people ! 

Till Then , bye . =D


  1. wah... so many desserts! too bad i missed it!!!

  2. wow, i would like the biscuits thingy one. looks kinda delicious. =D

  3. Nice food bro. But they only provide desserts right? No actual meal?

  4. I tried it before in Sunway one :D Not bad lo hehe

  5. the nicest dessert eat before.. wohoo. full of stomach..

  6. Nice nice.. But too many won't it be over sweet? =P

  7. Simon : Yes, u miss the good food ! =p

    Jfook : yea , that biscuit 1 is nice ! =D

    Isaac: Yea , they only provide dessert.

    Hilda : Yes , the dessert there is really not bad

    Nikel : Yea , nice nice dessert .

    Qi wen : yes , over sweet. Need to drink a lot of water after that . =D

  8. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I WANT ALSO. look so yummy :( *sudden craving*