Friday, 11 February 2011

Lunch with Liki before she fly off

Yea , i decided to have lunch with Liki  after my class today , cause she will be flying off to New Zealand for her further studies soon . We eat at Pan Cafe which is near her house .  i always like the cafe cause it is quiet , peaceful ,and what's more there's free wifi .


Me and Liki

Liki bring her new camere , Canon G12 to play and take photo also . Here are the few effect : 

Fisheye effect 

Our Food : 

Her Thai Fried Rice and my Roast Sauce Chicken Rice ! Delicious ! 

More photo of us :

Ater lunch , i chill and hang out  at her house until 5pm only leave , as i need to attend the tunetalk review at night . Had a good chat with her .

To Liki , it is wonderful and awesome to had you as my friend . You are my good friend . Time really flies too fast , you are going to fly off to NZ for further studies soon on the coming monday ! All the best and good luck at there ! Take your time to adapt your life when you reach there . Enjoy your new life there ! Most importantly take good care of yourself ! Must eat kay ! Will definitely miss you ! Must keep in touch , must skype and msn with me or tweet with me when you online kay ! Update me your life at there once in a while , cause i surely want to know . Remember , you still got me , your friend here  , you can always talk tome if you feel like want to talk to someone . You should know where to find me , right ? haha . have a safe flight on monday ! All the best ! =D

* All photo credit to Liki's Canon G12 Camera .


  1. Wooo I like the first effect! What effect is that? Btw, how come on liki's rice only left egg yolk one? xD

  2. lol your fish eye effect is hilarious!

  3. Thank you for the post Jayren! I wanna cry ady T_____T

  4. jayren so hemsem in the first pics lol! awww yet another blogger leaving m'sia lol! NZ is boring max, can see cow and smell cow milk everyday onli, at least no air pollution lol! surely will miss m'sian food hahahaha, that's why i am bck!

  5. Hilda : haha , is Liki G12 , so i dont know what effect . Lol , no la , got rice , not egg yolk saja .

    XCB : Thanks , it's liki camera , thanks to her . =D

    Liki : You are welcome ! Dont cry kay . =D

    Crazy : Thanks ! Yea , haha