Sunday, 6 February 2011

My Reunion Dinner 2011

On 2nd February 2011 , Wednesday , which the Chinese New Year Eve . I went to my aunty house at USJ Subang Jaya . This year , my aunty plan to cook and eat at home as we dont want to waste our time waiting for dishes at the restaurant .

So , at 7.30pm , we start the first dish , which is Yee Sang . I a tradition to Lou the Yee Sand before eating the Reunion Dinner for prosperity , health , wealth and luck . We called it Lou Sang .

Yee Sang before putting the sauce , salmon and keropok .

A simple yet delicious reunion meal .

The most important thing in reunion dinner is not the meal , is the feeling of eating it with the family and relatives . I appreciate every moment with them . 

After dinner , we skype with my cousin that are at U.K . She study there , and not coming back to Malaysia for new year . Wish her Happy Chinese New Year and chat a while with her . Then after that play some playstation game with my cousin . 

Watch some Chinese New Year program when bored of playing playstation . Get some bonding session while watching TV with them .

Then , a around 11pm , i went back home . That's it for my reunion dinner .

Till then , bye .


  1. waliaw... such a big plate and the yee sang looks so tiny! lol

  2. everything is nice and simple filled with warmth of family. A true blessing =)

  3. Yes agree. the feeling with family! :)

  4. Agree, spending time with the family is the best :D

  5. Henry : Yea , so that the yee sang wont drop on the table after we lou it . Good plate whey . =D

    Qi Wen : Yes ! totally agree ! =D

    Cayenne : yea yea , the feeling is more important.

    Hilda : Yes yes ! so faster accompany your family more be4 u back KL again . haha

  6. Hmmm this year we didn't have yee sang cos we always can't finish it. haha

  7. woots nice yee sang! better looking yee sang than the sri melaka one! lol! happy chinese new year jayren!

  8. Nice reunion dinner! My family and I had steamboat for reunion dinner only. :)