Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Who had been my valentine today ?

Today is 14/2/2010 , is a day where almost every couple anticipated and excited to give gift , flower , and prepare a candlelight dinner and spend it with their loves one i guess . For me , it is just another normal day . But  it is a single awareness day today . Single person can celebrate the singlehood too !

Let's see what i do today . Friends had been my valentine today . Not necessary only couples can date and out today . Friends also can have a outing and dining . It's a day to show your love to everyone . I had showed my love to my friend . Dated my friend , Eli out for breakfast before my class . We had our breakfast at Old Town Taman Midah . We chat at there for about 1 hour ++ . Glad to chat with her , indeed it  is a nice chat .

Then at 11.30am , i send  Eli back to her house , and then i headed to another friend , Liki's house , because she are going to New Zealand for studies . I cant send her off at airport  as i got class , so i head to her house to bid goodbye to her . Worst still , she get high fever this morning when she going to fly off today . I pity her , luckily she get better after rest and eat medicine , her temperature back to normal .Luckily she got 2 friend to fly with her . Bid goodbye to a good friend is always hard , but no worry , she will be back on her summer break on October .  To Liki , take good care of yourself there ! Skype with me when you settled down at NZ ya ! Will definitely miss you ! In fact , i started to miss you already !

After that , i went to my class , late reach to class late as a little bit jam at Bangsar , and thanks to some of the pro driver at HELP University College driver , see how they park the car !

Pro right ? Car cant even pass through the road ! 

Luckily , i found a parking after a while , then reach class at 1pm , 1 hour late to class . I just go in like that , the lecturer didn't say anything , and he didn't teach much . We basically discuss about our assignment . Class end at 1.20pm , 20 minute after i attend the class ! lol . I continue to attend my 2pm and 4pm class . 

Receive a call from Spectre , asking me want to have dinner together or not with Hilda and Joeann at midvalley , i say okay . But later on , i decided that we shall go Piccadilly since i miss the food there , and can avoid the jam and crowd at midvalley , save the midvalley parking , and get free wifi at Piccadilly . So , i told Spectre to meet up at Piccadilly instead . 

So after my class finish at 5.30pm , went to collect my car and head to fetch Hilda and Joeann , then head to Piccadilly . Terrible jam , guess everyone rushing back home to prepare for their valentine date . Receive a message from Spectre that he cant make it to the dinner . So , only we three had dinner together . 

Reach piccadilly at 6pm . After order the food , we skype with Jessy who is at Kuala Terengganu for her posting now . Chat with her while waiting for the food and eating . We chat a lot , glad to see that she is okay at KT except she is bored . Finally get to see her face and listen to her voice . Haha . we miss her ! =D 

We leave Piccadilly at 9pm . So , this year , i spend my valentine's with my friend . My friend had been my valentine ! I love spending time with my friend ! Food +dining+ friend = Perfect and awesome ! 

To everyone that are reading this post , and specially to my one and only Mum ,

I heart you always ! You will always in my heart ! Happy Valentine's day ! hope you all had a awesome valentine's day no matter with friends or couple ! And to my mum , I love you always ! 

Till then ! bye 


  1. No picture! The last picture you copymiow lor! Anyway, thanks fo celebrating Single Awareness Day with me =D

  2. You should give the last picture to yr mum! :D

  3. hahaah, yaya...agree with hilda, i bet ur mum would be very touched!

  4. oh boy, I am touched by your lovingness! Ok this sounds gay, happy valentine day to couples and happy single awareness day to single!

  5. Eh eh...Why you didn't ask me out for Valentine's Day? =P I was alone blogging and editing photos in my room T___T

  6. wow, u very happening bro! :)

    On valentine's night I was so tired from the day's event that I laid on the bed and went to sleep. Lol!

  7. Qi wen : =p You are welcome ! =D

    Hilda and joanne : Yes , my mum included for the last picture dy .

    Crazy : Haha, thanks! =D

    Jfook : Haha , how i know u alone . =p

    Isaac : not happing la . Yes , i know what event is yours . =D