Monday, 21 March 2011

Bernard Birthday Celebration at Brotzeit , Midvalley

On 11 March , we had plan a surprise birthday celebration at Brotzeit for Bernard . Thanks to the  awesome organizer , Tikkoss , Xing , and Evelyn. Just in case you all don't know , Evelyn is Bernard's girlfriend yo . Bernard , love your girlfriend more yo , she is awesome .

Okay , so , on that day , after my class finish at 12pm , i went to midvalley to meet up with dear , and her cousin , Qi Tyng for lunch , and movie session after lunch . We dine at Reminisce cafe . The lunch set at there is nice and worth it .

After lunch , we went to watch Beastly at GSC .

The movie is nice . It' worth to watch . Love is never judges based from the look , is the inner beauty and personality that matters . There's some touching part too . 

So , after movie , we went to Secret Recipe to survey what cakes are there that day . 

 Dear , and her cousin , Qi Tyng , writing down the choice of cake for that day .

Dear , and her cousin , Qi Tyng , trying to call Evelyn to see what cake shall we buy for Bernard .

While waiting for Evelyn call , we chill at coffee bean for a while . 

Evelyn called after a while , and after the discussion with her on the phone , we decided to buy Oreo Cheese Cake from Secret Recipe for Bernard .

So , the girls went to shopping , while i went to Secret Recipe to buy the cake , and then passed to the Brotzeit staff to keep first .

Then , i went out to fetch Carmen .

It is still early after fetch Carmen , so , we went to Starbucks to find Tikkoss after meet up with dear, and her cousin , Qi Tyng . Meet up with Jessy and Jackie at Starbucks .

Dear , and her cousin , Qi Tyng

At about 7pm , we all went over to Brotzeit , as the party will start at 7.30pm .

Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant

Left : Jackie and Tikkoss . Right : Chloe , Jessy , Carmen , Qi Tyng , Dear ,  and Xing

Isaac and his wife , Janice .

Then the man of the day , Bernard and Evelyn reach .

 Left : Xing , Elwyn , Simon , Jackie . 
Middle : Tikkoss 
Right : Chloe , Jessy , Carmen , Qi Tyng , Dear , Isaac and his wife , Janice , Bernard and Evelyn

Dear and Evelyn

Dear and her cousin , Qi Tyng 

Xing and Elwyn



Simon and me 

Simon , Carmen , and me 

Qi Tyng , Dear , and Me 

Me , Isaac and his wife , Janice .

Xing ,me and Elwyn

Tikkoss , Me , and  Jessy

Me and Suresh

Emo Group 

Me and Henry Lee

Bernard , Evelyn , and me 

Our Food :

Our Drink : 

Then , after our dinner , we chat a while , then , is the celebration of Bernard .

Oreo Cheese Cake

Celebrated birthday with blogger is awesome yo , you get to pose .  

Pose 1 

Pose 2 

The sweet lovey dovey couple 

He is force to take out 1 candle using the mouth .

They cut cake together

Dear cut the cake for everyone . 

Xing count the coins . haha 

The total damage of the day 

All of us take 1

All of us take 2 

Hope Bernard enjoy the celebration 
Happy Belated Birthday , Bernard ! 

They went to after party at The Library , while i fetch dear amd Qi tyng back home early.
Till then , bye . 

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