Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Bloggers Gathering and Dinner at Frames

Thanks to Kian Fai , the wonderful organizer to plan a wonderful bloggers gathering and Dinner at Frames , Sunway Pyramid . As there are a 52 % discount voucher which cost RM 29.90 or 2 person to dine at Frames , Sunway Pyramid at haha.com.my , so basically majority of them buy the deal and the voucher .

It was a last minute decision for me to join them, but i never regret at all . I get to meet all the wonderful blogger friend . i didn't bought the voucher and didn't join the dinner , i just sit there and chat with them and have fun with them , It was indeed a fun gathering .

Now , let me tell you who's the wonderful blogger that attend the gathering .

From left to right : Henry Lee , me , and Carmen 

From let to right : Tony , Me , and Cayenne

From left to right : Me and Elwyn

From left to right : Me , Elwyn , and Isaac

From Left to Right : Xing's friend , Joey , Me , and Xing

From left to right : Spectre , Me , and Jessy

From left to right : Me , Chutipond , Genee , and the organizer itself , Kian Fai . 

From left to right : Snoopy , Me , and Simon

From left to right : Simon , Me , and Jfook

From left to right : Joeann , Me , and Christy

Joey , Me , and Hilda 

From left to right : Henry Tan  , Me , and Chia Yen 

From left to right : April and Vince

From left to right : Henry Lee and JFook friend , wkteo.
( Photo credits to Henry Lee )

Carmen's friend , Wern Di 
( Photo credits to Henry Lee )

Tikkoss , and they skype with Eli  too via Tikkoss Iphone . How nice of them . =D
( Photo credits to Henry Lee )

See , there's a lot of blogger join this gathering . I'm glad i join the gathering .There's 2 table of us .

All of us ! =D

Now , let's move to the food section . I didn't eat much , so , i wont comment about the food . I just introduced the food . 

Gamberi Tomato Bruschettas

Classic Carbonara

Fish Burger

Marina- Spaghetti

Spaghetti ( I dunno the name ) 

Spaghetti ( I dunno the name ) 


Overall, it is a fun gathering ! We all enjoy it ! Blogger are awesome ! Blogger rockzz ! 

All of us ! Another big blogger gathering after the lousang gathering . 

more blogger gathering coming soon ! 
Join us people ! 
You will sure feel the fun !
With blogger , you will always feel fun !
Till then , bye ! =D


  1. Great one! Wa, happy max I'm in the phone.. LOL.. XD Love the last picture and was wondering what is Tikkoss and Elwyn do at the back... >.<

  2. It's eli's trademark dy to skype when she couldn't make it lol haha and yes it was a fun event!

  3. nice meeting everyone. And nice writeup bro!!! Great gathering, love every moment of it!

  4. Wow!u listed out all of the ppl there~ :P
    Its a nice gathering indeed ^^