Monday, 7 March 2011

Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid Review

Thanks to Nuffnang , i get to experience Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid .

Okay , now you might say , Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid is just a normal prepaid same like other telco company .

So , why Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid is so special ?

First , it is cheap . With just RM 5.00 , you already can buy the sim card.

The sms rate is 5 sen per sms , the call rate is 16 sen per minute , and you can online too with just 5 sen per 1024 KB.

When you top up RM 30 , you can talk for 187 minute . And your spending for prepaid for 1 month is just RM 46.20 . 

Before i continue , let me ask you all own how many phone ?

Dont shy shy la , answer me . Okay , let me guess , 3 phone , right ? 1 for telco A , 1 for telco B , and 1 for telco C , right ? so , you all can save your call and sms money 

But with Tune Talk , You no longer need 3 phone ! You just need one phone ! Because The call rate and sms rate to EVERY NETWORK is FLAT RATES and it's NATIONWIDE ! Cool , right !

What's more , Tune Talk Mobile had the Nation Lowest IDD Rates with the lowest rates of 16 sen per minute and highest rate of 23 sen per minute to other countries! 

Now , everyone can call ! You can talk how long you want with your friends and family who are at other country ! 

My next question , do u know any telco company that rewards you with air ticket ?

No right ? But now everyone can fly ONLY with Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid !

All you need to do is very easy , just top up the Tune Talk sim card . Every RM 1 you top up , you will earn 1 Tune Talk points .

If you top up RM 30, yo will earn 70 point. If you top up RM 50 , you will earn 120 point . If you top up RM 100 , you will earn 240 point .

You can redeem the air ticket to selection destination when you earn enough Tune Talk points required . The point NEVER expired

How cool is that right !

Next , ever think of you will get an insurance safety for your self when you buy a prepaid sim card ?

No need to think , when you purchase a Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid , you will also get a FREE RM100,000 Personal Accidental Insurance Coverage by Etiqa . 

Free insurance with just a mobile prepaid , cool ? no ? 

Next is the validity of the money . When you top up RM 30 , it is valid for 50 days . When you top up for RM 50 , it is valid for 75 days . 

Okay , you sure ask , how is the network coverage ah ? I can tell you , the network coverage is definitely good . Why i say so ? Because they are using Celcom line . Everyone know how good is Celcom line right . It is stable and reliable .

Futhermore , you can buy the Top Up very easily , just buy it  at any Tunetalk Dealers shop , 7 eleven , shop that got E-Pay logo , Supermarket ,  ATM machine , and best of all , you can buy it through online banking ! Yes , ONLINE banking . How convenient to top up right . 

Lastly , you can choose your own number . If you bored of your number , you can change it FREE OF CHARGE anytime! Yes , is FREE! So , you can avoid any stalker of disturbance call from others . 

With so many benefit , Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid will sure worth your money . Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid will be your right choice . I had experiences it now . You should experience now and get all the benefit too ! Change to Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid  now and you will never regret ! 

Till then , bye ! 


  1. nice long post bro. Lots of facts!!

  2. You have given the Tune Talk Mobile in very good manner. Such that I was not known to that. But after reading your blog I have got lot of useful information.