Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Have you been infected ?

Hello people , have you all been infected ? have you all saw any mysterious symbol around you ? Mysterious symbol is a trending and hype thing now . I'm sure many of you saw the mysterious symbol . Me too , i saw the mysterious symbol too at KLCC .

This is the morning KLCC . Spot the mysterious symbol beside the right tower.

and the weird thing is the mysterious symbol stay whole day long , you still can see the mysterious symbol at KLCC tower . 

The Mysterious symbol float to the top of the tower at night . 

I am shocked and amazed to see the symbol , this is my first time ever in my life to see and discover that mysterious symbol . I wonder what had happen to the earth , is some alien going to invade the earth ? i really hope i'm not the only person who saw the mysterious symbol , i don't want those kind of superpower to see something other people cannot see . 

So , i ask around my friend and family whether they saw this mysterious symbol . Surprisingly , they also saw this symbol at Ulu Yam , Lot 10 , plane and even traffic light . What is all this ? It is getting so creepy . Everyone is talking about this mysterious symbol now . I'm totally influenced by this phenomenon. I am totally clueless about what happen . I want to know the truth . Somebody please explain to me what is happening ? And what does the mysterious symbol means ? is it a warning for the human in earth ? Is it a after effect of the Japan radiation ?

People , please share with me if you all see the mysterious symbol somewhere too . Share with me what do you think about the mysterious symbol . Do you all wonder the same thing as me ? Are you all being infected by it too ? Share with me people .