Tuesday, 19 April 2011

My perception of blogging in blogger world

Hello people , i'm back in blogging ! Sorry for abandoned my blog for about a weeks . My exam is nearing , so i should had be studying now , but i just feel like updating my blog . I suddenly got the inspiration and urge to update my blog . So here i am , to blog !

Okay , today i am going to blog about my perception of blogging in blogger world . Guess i had never blog about it right ? Let me start by back to basic . I don't blog for money , i blog for interest . I started to blog since 22 May 2008 . I started to blog because i am inspired by one o my friend , and i had a hard and tough time that time in making decision to change course . If you all know me or read my 'about me ' section , you all should know that i lose my dad when i am standard 1 , and i lose my sis when i am form 4 . And i am now raised by my mum alone .  No , i didn't say that for you all to pity me . Because i had experienced something that no body would like to experience it . It inspired me in my live to appreciate everyone while you still can . We just live once , do it with no regret . So yeah , i always envy those who got dad and sister . But i still got friends , a lot of great friends , i truly appreciate all of them . But yet ,i only have few close friend , and sometime i don't feel like making or affect them emo and sad just because i emo and sad . Thus , i open and register this blog for a place for me to write out all i want and spread out my feelings and thoughts .

So , i am really blog for interest , never ever i think of blogging as an earning . I never regret of blogging . Yes , i know my grammar is bad , but this is my blog , and i can write everything i want . Nobody is born to be perfect right ? I had been criticized by some anonymous about having a bad grammar and still creating a fan page . I replied nicely saying the fan page is for my blog , for people to follow my updates and keep in touch with me , and saying that i can write whatever i want in my blog , it is my blog after all . And the anonymous still reply . But i dont care already . I accept the critic . After all , nobody is born to be perfect , and we cant control them , so just stay positive .

So now , my perception for blogging in blogger world . Blogging is a good way to release your stress . It is a good way to express your emotion , feeling and thoughts . Blogging also keeps your friend updated of your life . You will never know that your friend read your blog . They are the silent reader . I know some may say we doesnt need to blog about every single little details of our life , as if we are showing off . No , we are not . We are just sharing it with everyone . Sharing is caring . Everyone have their own blogging style , and we should respect them . Other than that , blogging is serve as an online diary for us too .When we look back at our blog next time , that will be a good and sweet memories .

Other than that , we get to know more friend through blogging . I started to be active in blogging world when i joined Nuffnang  , and i joined some movie screening competition , and i got to know a lot of blogger friend during screening . I also got to know many blogger friend during gathering and innit . Yes , some of you may think that knowing someone from internet is like some complete stranger and they may be bad person . But i would say you are totally wrong to think like that , we are all adults and we know what is right and what is wrong . Until now , all the blogger friend i know is friendly . And we cant judge people until we meet them . Even if we already meet them , only judge them when you know them well . Dont judge them based on their appearance , whet they wear and how they look doesn't represent their attitude and personality , maybe it represent something or some memories in their life , we wouldn't know that . Know them well before you judged them .

Of course when i have blogger friend , i will still care about my normal friend . Everyone is my friend , i won't discriminate anyone , and i will not categorize my friend into different group . I treat all of my friend equally . I appreciate all of them. Well , my friend would always say i am famous after blogging . But no , i am not , and i don't want to be famous , i just want to blog based on my interest . I will blog when i want or feel like blogging , i don't like restriction or dateline . Okay , it is true that i earn from Nuffnang , but that is just my side income , and it just a bit . I don't really mind about the earning , even if 1 day i am not Nuffnanger , i will still blog . I rather work hard to earn my own money .And i also wrote few advertorial before , but i just treat it as an assignment and experience in my life . Experience matters more than money  And i do win  movie screening ticket from Nuffnang , but i win that from my own hardwork in commenting and blogging something creative for the contest . Nothing is totally free in this world . So yeah , blogger is also normal human . We are still same as everyone .  We feel grateful and appreciated when someone like our blog .

Of course , lastly , you will want someone to support you when you blog or join contest .  My friend is my supporter . As for my mum , she is okay with i blogging . But sometime she will ask me to spend  more time study rather than blogging . And she will ask me to don't join so much contest ,and dont go so many movie screening , spend more time in my study . And she say bloggers are someone that we dont know , they are strangers , they may be bad people . I understand her , she just care about me and scared i will be cheated by other people . I am her only family member . So , i really do know she do that because she care and love me a lot .She just want the best for me . I love her too , and i do feel guilty when sometime i need to lie to her to go out with friend because i know if i say the truth , i cant go out . Yes , i know , i am a bad son . That's why , nowadays , i try to avoid to tell lies to her , i want to tell her the truth. I will appreciate her a lot , as she is my superwoman , she raised me all by her own , she is my idol . And other than that ,i also got a lot of great friends that always support me in blogging .

Lastly ,i just want to say , this is only my opinion . If i offended you in any way , i am sorry .

Now , let me shout , blogging and blogger rockzzzzzz ! 

Till then , bye . 

P.s : Phew , i didn't write a long blog post like this for very long  time already . 


  1. well said :D yesh, must love your mommy a lot!

  2. Why your mum and Qiwen's mum are the same is it? hahaha =P

  3. Hee don't forget, you found your other half through the blogging world too! :D Nice post!

  4. Qi Wen : Thanks ! Yes , i will love my mommy a lot ! You too ! Must love your mommy too ! =D

    Jfook : Yea , my mum and Qi Wen mum kind of the same .Protective parents. hehe =D

  5. Hilda : Yea , i wont forget that . =D Thanks thanks for the support ! =D

  6. i would like to tell the anonymous person that if you don't start you won't improve at all. wakakaka

  7. haha good point bro! And thanks for sharing! If you don't share it, I wont see alot of semi naked photo of you at "About Me" section lul :)

  8. Qi Tyng : Haha . Totally agree ! lol =D

    Joanney : Yeah ! =D

    Kian Fai : Lol ! You are welcome ! Thanks for support ! =D

  9. haha~ it's like reading a school essay, Jayren!

    But well said. I blog for fun as well, and it is the place where we can actually vent our feelings without physically or emotionally directly assaulting the ppl close to us with our gloominess, anger and ect.

    And love your mom more. Respect her, cherish her. Always :)

  10. Aww, i love your last paragraph :))

  11. Lynette : Thanks for your support ! =D

    Nana : Haha , i very long didn't write school essay edy . Yes , i totally agree with you . And i will sure love my mum . Thanks for your support ! =D

    Crazy : Thanks for your support ! =D

  12. Mel : haha , thanks for your support ! =D

  13. aw...so sweet~ you have been through a lot for some one so young. take care n keep blogging.

  14. A very well thought out post bro. :) Glad to have you as a blogger friend and a friend in real life as well.

    Continue the fire bro! :)

    My eXperiences - www.isaactan.net

  15. Glow- Thanks for the support ! And yes , i will keep blogging . =D

    Isaac- Glad to have you as blogger friend and real life friend too . Thanks for the support ! i will surely continue the fire . =D