Thursday, 7 April 2011

Oreo Dessert Night

On last saturday , 2nd April 2011 , we had a Oreo Dessert Night at Carmen's house . We went to try her specialty , fried oreo . Yes , you didn't listen wrongly , is FRIED OREO !

The Fried Oreo 

This is Carmen who fried the Oreo .

Me , Dear ,and Qi tyng reach Carmen's house at about 8.30pm . And most of the people already at there . XingIsaac  and Janice, Elwyn , Tony , WileeSher , MelissaKian Fai is already at there. And they are eating Hokkien Mee .  Sher and Kian Fai  tapao Hokkien mee for 20 people . So , we join in to eat hokkien mee as well . 

The delicious hokkien mee . Photo credited to Isaac Tan

After the satisfying hokkien mee , we get to see some magic tricks by Adrian Leong .

And there's also a lot of snack for us to eat .

Henry Lee join the party later on .

After that , few girls have their girl talk . While others watch TV . Oh yea , we watch the horror movie 'unborn' together . The movie is not scary at all , it is so funny . haha . We eat Carmen fried oreo too , it is so delicious . Yum yum .   And we have a massage train too , all start with dear massage me , then others follow . haha . 

Massage train ! Photo credited to Qi Tyng .

Oh yea , me , dear , and Qi Tyng bring Paddle Pop ice cream to Carmen's house . So , we get to eat Paddle Pop ice cream with marshmallow while watching the movie . 

Photo credited to Qi Tyng 

Overall , the night is great ! The fried oreo is yum yum ! Me , dear and Qi Tyng went back home at about 1am while others stay to watch football match until 2.30am . So , the party officially end at 2.30am .

Till then , bye . 

I miss you like crazy ! =D


  1. haha Paddle Pop + Marshmallow not bad :)

  2. omg! I miss that mamee-look-alike snacks! hehe :D

  3. Oh my... You guys seriously experimented with food! Haha! Nice one. Shall try both of them out one day. Hehe. =P