Saturday, 9 April 2011

Petronas Fuel Up Challenge , Exam , and Games

Today , before i went out to dinner just now , i saw something tied on my gate . 

It is a Petronas flyer tied up to a helium balloon , creative much .

Yes , experienced to believe . There will basically be a “Fuel Up Challenge” happening between 5.30pm to 8.30pm on April 10, which is this Sunday, tomorrow. What you have to do is pick a certain amount of fuel that you will try to attempt to fill up. This may be a choice of 3 different amounts like RM20, RM50 or RM70. 

You will have to pump in the new Petronas fuel into your car manually to the exact amount that you’ve chosen. If you go over by even 1 sen, you lose the challenge. You’ll win something if you hit your target. Prizes will be announced closer to the challenge date, so keep an eye out for the announcement.

So , faster go experience it to believe it . Head to your nearest Petronas station nationwide between 5.30pm to 8.30pm tomorrow to participate and get a first taste of the new fuel formula.

Yes , this is my textbook . And when i take out the textbook , it means my exam is around the corner . Yet i feel sleepy when study the textbook . I believe most of the people don't like to study , right ? I will not sleep when is last minute study , because at that time i will feel guilty if i sleep and not study . lol 

Left : my sleepy look when study. Right : My energized look when no need to study . 

When i study until bored , what will i do . What else , play games la . haha 

Lots of online games to choose to play .

I play a game called Insectonator . It is basically a killing bug and insect game . Good for release stress eh . 

Okay , a little bit of violence , gross and gruesome . But it can be an addictive game . 

Till then , bye . 


  1. Sweat! Release stress by hitting innocent bugs! :p

  2. hey, i played that game before! played in segamat some more. bwahahahaha

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  4. study study study study... then sleep, then study study study, then game.. repeat. :)