Monday, 4 April 2011

Virtually Gay Surprise Birthday Party

Happy Belated Birthday Tikkoss

We actually celebrate his birthday without him, . lol . The reason is Xing and Carmen plan a surprise birthday party secret event for him , but he just went China few day before the suprise party . 

1st April 2011 day is the suprise party for him . This is definitely not April Fool, it is real . In Fact ,it  is a belated birthday for him as Tikkoss birthday is on 31st March. So , we enjoy on behalf of him . haha

So , on that day , we have our dinner at CCC in Sunway Giza first at 7pm . 

Qi Tyng , Qi Wen , and me 

We play Uno while waiting for the rest to reach and while waiting for our food to reach .

After dinner at 8.15pm, we went to Loudspeaker , which is a Karaoke nearby CCC for Sing K session . Thanks to Glam who book the Karaoke room . 


Elwyn and Kian Fai choosing song .

The Karaoke kaki , from left : Carmen , Tony , Jfook , Melissa , Qi Tyng , and Qi Wen . 

Karaoke kaki take 2 

 Elwyn singing.

Epic singing by Elwyn

Kian Fai and Tony singing .

Kian Fai singing emotionally and Tony

Choosing song again . haha

Kian Fai singing take 2

Karaoke kaki take 3

Jfook singing 

Tony singing take 1 

Tony singing take 2 

Kian Fai tai kor singing

Karaoke kaki take 3

Elwyn syok sendiri . haha

Especially for Tikkoss , Happy Belated Birthday from Jayrenhy on Vimeo.

The song we dedicate to you , Tikkoss , Happy Belated Birthday ! Hope u enjoy it ! 

Till then , bye ! 


  1. I'm still hyper about the karaoke session! :)

  2. Woot. XD nice outing guys. :) and the vid was a nice finishing touch

  3. eh i got so thin one meh? thanks to jayren for making me thin in the photo hahahahhaa