Monday, 30 May 2011

My First Sampling Job

I had work for many part time job , but i never work for a sampling part time job before . Thanks to Jiayeen who introduced me to his supervisor , Ivan , i get this part time job . My company will be captivate Sdn. Bhd . I'm currently working for Fernleaf KUAT milk powder sampling job . I will be working for this weekend , and next weekend at Tesco Mutiara Damansara from 12pm to 9pm . Come find me for lunch or dinner if you happen to be at Tesco Mutiara Damansara .

Me with my uniform .


So , every morning , i have to walk in through Tesco staff entrance , get a promoter pass from th guard , then go up to the store room and take out my booth / counter , set it up , then push to Tesco Fernleaf shelf there . Then , i got to wash the dispenser , cylinder and the stirrer at the basin which located behind the selling fish part there. It is so smelly at there , but what to do , i just got to tahan . Then , after wash all the thing and put it at my small counter / booth , i need to go to buy 6 bottle of 1.5 mineral water , then go out and enter the staff entrance to get the sticker from the security to placed on the mineral water . Then , i will go back to my booth / counter and pour 3 bottle of mineral water and 2 packet of Fernleaf KUAT into the dispenser and then mixed it with stirrer . Then , i will need to go take ice from the kitchen behind the selling fish place , got to smell the smelly stink smell again . After get the ice , put into a plastic , then put the ice into the cylinder . Then lastly put the cylinder into the dispenser . Then , it is ready to serve to small cup for people to drink . 

My  Fernleaf KUAT booth / counter

I learn something on the first day of my work . A big issues happen on the first day i work for my first sampling job . The dispenser they provide for me leaked and the milk spill out like fountain , luckily there's a supervisor with me to solve the issues. The supervisor say i am lucky to experience this on my first day . lol . At last , my company changed a dispenser for me . But 2 packet of Fernleaf KUAT is wasted.

Now , let me tell you what is Fernleaf KUAT . Fernleaf Kuat is a milk for all human age above 1 years old . It have formula 3T , Tulang , Tubuh , dan Tenaga with 18 type of nutrien. It help you to build strong bone , strengthen your muscle , and give you energy for your daily activities . The Fernleaf Kuat is kurang manis , but tetap lazat .The sukrose sugar had been eplace with lactose so that it is not too sweet . And the Fernleaf KUAT is for the whole family . It is valuable as you can save RM 2.90 compare to other brand in the market .

Fernleaf KUAT

Oh yea , i saw so many type of customer . Well , typical Malaysian , got free stuff sure take ,right ? 

Typical Malaysian customer 1 : Parents ask children to keep take the milk to drink . 
Many parents keep ask their children take the milk and drink when they know is free drink . And they just walk away like that after drinking . 

Typical Malaysian customer 2 : Parents want to save milk at home .
A chinese woman keep ask her children to drink few cup of the milk , and tell her husband that the children drink the milk until full , then can no need make milk for their children when they back at home . They thought i milk supplier kah . 

Typical Malaysian customer 3 : Same person keep coming to my booth .
I saw few customer keep come to take my milk repeatedly .So greedy .  I'm good in recognizing people yo.

Typical Malaysian customer 4 : keep refilled the milk 
I saw few customer keep refill the milk after finish drinking 1 cup of my milk when i not at the booth . So greedy . 

Typical Malaysian customer 5 : take for wife , husband , chiildren etc.
Got few customer took few cup of milk and give to husband , wife and children . Imagine ,if she / he got 4 children , 4 cup gone to a family . And worst thing , they just drink and cabut . Didn't even bother to listen to my product and didn't buy .

Typical Malaysian customer 6 ; Throw other brand of sampling cup into my dustbin.
This 1 i hate the most . The dustbin we have is already so small , and some inconsiderate people still go and throw so many other brand sampling cup and make my dustbin easily full . 

Typical Malaysian customer 7 : want empty sampling cup for the baby to play with .
Got a customer ask me whether can i give her few sampling cup for her baby to play , what i'm going to use if i give the sampling cup to her . And plus , it is quite wasted for the sampling cup to be use like that . 

Typical Malaysian customer 8 : Bring a bottle for the milk . 
Got a customer ask whether she can bring 1.5 liter botlle to fill in the free milk and keep it at home and slowly drink . So greedy. Of course we say cannot . Again , we are not milk supplier.

And today got a little malay girl call me uncle when ask for the milk , am i that old ? lol 

Frustrated right ? is a love hate relationship when come to this issue . If you are a consumer , sure you will love it and will grab the free drinks a lot . But if you are the promoter , you will hate it and feel frustrated that they try the product but didn't buy it.

But overall, i still like this new job.So , people come find me next weekend at Tesco Mutiara Damansara ya.

Till then , bye .

Friday, 27 May 2011

Short update on my uni life

Sorry for neglected my blog so long . Miss reading my blog ? Here's a short update on my uni life . Long time didn't update about my uni life . I am currently in my year 2 degree at HELP University College . I had finish my year 1 , and i am in my year 2 now . When i post at FB saying that i passed all my last semester subject result , some of my friend thought i had graduated . lol . No , my ' last semester' means my previous semester . My last semester result is average , but i am more than happy to finish my first year . Now i am left with another 12 subject and i will graduate . Hopefully i can graduate by next year May . I want to graduate faster and escape from HELP . Wish me luck people .

I will be working for Fernleaf KUAT sampling job at Tesco Mutiara Damansara tomorrow and sunday , and also next week saturday and sunday . This is my first time working for sampling job . Hope i can work well , i must hit target .

Okay , will update more tomorrow or sunday . Now i need to focuson study , got quiz on monday .

Till then , bye . 

Friday, 20 May 2011

Food Tasting Session at Sakae Sushi

I'm just back from the food tasting session at One Utama , and here i am to blog about the food tasting session . Thanks to Nuffnang Malysia Glitterati Plus , i am invited to attend the food tasting session held at Sakae Sushi One Utama today .

The Sakae Sushi  at One Utama is a new outlet at One Utama New Wing , the previous outlet at One Utama had been closed down . 

Now , let me show you the restaurant . 

The plushie and Merchandise Section . 

The rolling plate of sushi 

The interior of the restaurant 

The Kitchen 

Closr up of the Kitchen and the rolling plate of sushi . 

Many plate of sushi .

The Counter

The awesome ceiling .

The Unique Wall . 

After we seated down on the table , we were given a goodie bag . 

Let's see what is inside the goodie bag . 

The Sakae Sushi Card Application Form .

The Today menu for us 

One box of 20 packet Ocha / Genmaicha Tea bag , 5 RM10 gift voucher , and a Sakae Sushi Member card with Rm10 point inside the card . 

Oh yea , Sakae Sushi now have a new technology which are a touch screen interactive menu monitor .

Just touch the monitor screen to order what you want , put it into the basket , submit , and wait for the waiter to bring you the food . No more hassle to wait for the waiter to come to take your order . And no need to be pressure and more time for you to choose your food selection . This new touch screen interactive menu monitor is quite cool and easy to use , i believe most customer will prefer to use this new technology . 

Okay ,  i know you all can't wait or the food . So , let me show you the food that Sakae Sushi specially make for us , the Nuffnang Gplus member . 

First food is Sakae Salad which cost RM 13.90.

This Sakae Salad is a house specialty salad comprising salmon , crisp garden-fresh greens served with plum dressing.

My comment : The Sakae Salad is healthy with the crisp garden-fresh greens vegetables . The vegetables is fresh . This Sakae Salad is refreshing too . The raw salmon in the salad is awesome , it is soft and yummy . The plum sauce make the Sakae Salad more tasty , the sauce make the Sakae Salad more appetizing .

The next food is Hotate Mentaiyaki which cost RM 20.90 

Hotate Mentaiyaki is a juicy scallops grilled with codfish roe and mayonnaise . 

My comment : The scallop with codfish roe is crunchy and nice to bite , but the mayonnaise is a little bit salty .

The third food is Soft Shell Crab Tempura which cost RM 13.90.

Soft Shell Crab Tempura is a generous portion of delicious soft shell crab , lightly battered and fried to crisp perfection . 

My comment : The soft shell crab tempura is very crunchy and crispy . It is nice to bite , and there are crab meat too . 

The next food is a big plate of sushi which consist of Sakae Candle which cost RM 10.90 , Snowflake Salmon Delight which cost RM 9.80 , and cost RM 7.80 only for SAKAECard Members , Ebi Tempura Cheese Maki which cost RM 12.90 and Salmon Sushi which cost RM3.99 . 

Sakae Candle is one of Sakae signature dishes - Crabmeat , avocado , Japanese cusumber , shrimp roe , codfish roe and mayonnaise . 

My comment : The presentation of the Sakae Candle arranged in the form of the candle and even can light with fire is fantastic and nice . The Sakae Candle is soft and nice . The shrimp roe , avocado and codfish roe is crunchy . The crabmeat is tasty. Eat the Sakae Candle with mayonnaise is more appetizing , the taste is just nice , not too salty . 

Snowflake Salmon Delight is delightful rolls of fresh salmon , omellette , japanese cucumber , salmon skin , okaka flakes , mango , plum sauce and mayonnaise . 

My comment : The raw slamon is fresh. The omellete is soft and juicy . The Japanese cucumber is crunchy . The mango is sweet . So , the whole combination make it yummy and delicious . Eat it with plum sauce and mayonnaise make it more tasty and appetizing . 

Ebi Tempura Cheese maki is crispy tempura prawn rolls with a luscious finishing of cheese and spicy mayonnaise. 

My Comment : The egg roll is soft and nice . The prawn tempura is soft , juicy and crispy . The whole Ebi Tempura Cheese Maki is tasty with the spicy mayonnaise , the spicyness is just nice , not too spicy . The cheese make it more tasty and appetizing . 

Salmon Sushi is tantalising cuts of premium air-flown Norwegian salmon on Vitamin E-enriched sushi rice . 

My comment : The Raw salmon is thicker compare to last time . The rice is soft and nice to bite . 

 The dessert for us is Sorbet . 

Sorbet is a fruity low fat desserts to complete your meal . Choose from pineapple , lemon and orange . 

My comment : The lemon sorbet is the most sour and a little bit creamy, then the orange sorbet is a little bit sour , while the pineapple sorbet is a little bit sweet and less sour compare to the lemon sorbet and orange sorbet . 

Besides today's menu , we get to order any other item in the menu free of charge . 

The menu .

Here's our order : 

Forgot the name of this plate of sushi . Sorry . My comment : it is a little bit salty but tasty with mayonnaise.

Salmon Sashimi . My Comment : The Salmon is soft and nice to bite .

Golden Ebi Roll . My Comment : The prawn and vegetables is fresh , the sushi rice is soft , the japanese cucumber is crunchy , the lemon make the whole sushi more tasty and appetizing . 

That's all the food we order . 

Now , let me introduce the people same table as me . 

From left :  Ranney , Marketing Manager of Sakae Sushi One Utama , Me , Jeff , Khai Sim , the new nuffies , Ann and Yih Yann   .

Lastly , the group photo . 

All the bloggers with the frog , Sakae Sushi mascot.

I shall end the post with the frog .

According to Yew June , the Marketing Manager of Sakae Sushi One Utama , the frog symbolize happiness , while the 'rong' means growing . 

Thanks to Nuffnang Malysia Glitterati Plus and Sakae Sushi One Utama for organizing this food tasting session . Thanks to the nuffies especially Ann for accompany , entertain and chat with us throughout the food tasting session so that we are not bored . Lastly , thanks to Ranney , the Marketing Manager of Sakae Sushi One Utama for explaining to us regarding the food , and answer all our enquiries about Sakae Sushi . Thanks a lot to Sakae Sushi One Utama for the gift voucher and the box of tea bags. 

Sakae Sushi One Utama , LG 225 , Lower Ground Promenade , One Utama Shopping Center .

Till then , bye . 

I like Nippon Paint because it always calm me down after a grumpy day

Bedroom is always the most comfortable place to sleep , study , online , do anything you like and of course hide yourself . After a grumpy day studying at school or college , or after a grumpy working day , all you want when you reach home is a comfortable room to calm yourself down .

Here's how Nippon Paint will calm you down after a grumpy day . As Nippon Paint had a lot of colour range , and every colour represent your feelings , emotions , and thought . So , you can mixed and match and paint your room into your own colourful kingdom . Life without colour is sucks . So , choose your colour and paint your room into a colourful kingdom. It will certainly calm you down . 

Me and my family had been using Nippon Paint to paint my room and my house even since before i born . In my previous house , my bedroom wall paint is Nippon Blue Harmony Paint , while my parents master bedrooom wall paint is Nippon Cream paint . And my previous house staircase wall paint is Nippon Pretty Lady paint . While other wall paint is Nippon Reserved White paint . As for the house i stay now , all the wall paint is Nippon Reserved White Paint . Yes , my whole family certainly support Nippon Paint . 

We like Nippon Paint because Nippon Paint is a well know brand among Asian and the largest paint manufacturer in Asia  . Nippon Paint quality is always good and everyone trusted it . Nippon paint is a little bit expensive , but it certainly worth the price . The high quality Nippon Paint can last you a long time . Moreover , the Nippon Paint is odourless , even a person who have sensitive nose will be comfortable with the paint . Nippon Paint also had been recognized with the prestigious ISO 14000 and ISO 9000 certification as one of the paint that achieving quality , safety , and environmetal excellence . Next , Nippon Paint also save the world by creting a green choice eco friendly paint . 

And speaking of paint colours , it have thousand range of colours , which is also why my family like Nippon Paint . We can choose a lot of colour for our house wall and mix and match the colour to paint our wall to have a colourful and impressive house . 

See , so many colour !

Next , Nippon Paint use customer orientation , they try to provide the best paint solution for their every customer . They always provide the paint that meet up to customer expectation . They also willing to accept customer feedback and critic , and change their paint to a better one . Nippon Paint want to build a long term relationship with their customer . They want to keep the existing customer and attract the new customer to try and buy their brand . They want the customer to trust their brand and use their brand .Nippon Paint also want to maintain customer satisfaction towards their brand Therefore , Nippon Paint always provide a lot of benefit to their customer such as provide odourless paint , green choice paint , and many more other benefit. Nippon Paint also keep improve their paint quality to provide better paint for their customer . Other than that , Nippon Paint also use good sales and promotion technique . They advertise their paint creatively through billboard , magazines , Television Commercial , Newspaper , and in many other media.

Here are few Nippon Paint Creative Commercial .

Other than that , Nippon Paint also place a lot of their paint at many paint shop all around Asia . Thus , people will always see Nippon Paint and curious about it and want to try the paint . They keep remind people about the existence of their paint . Their sales and promotion enable them to keep many existing customer . 

Nippon Paint also use the societal marketing orientation , they preserves and enhances the long-term best interests of society or an individual.  By making durable paint and create eco friendly paint , they are happy , and they make their customer like me and my family happy using their product . Double the benefit , definitely worth the price . Me and my family feel secured with their quality paint and great customer orientation . Thus , we support Nippon Paint always . We like Nippon Paint . Nippon Paint is the best Paint for us with recognition of rank number one paint in Asia . No worry anymore by using Nippon Paint . 

I am quite satisfied with my Nippon Paint Reserved White paint in my room . 

But i feel that my bedroom wall is a little bit dull , i need colourful wall ! I want colour ! Therefore , i wish for a room makeover . Hope my dream come true . Finger crossed .

Here's their website , Nippon Paint Malaysia .
And here's their Facebook Fan Page , Nippon Paint Bloobies Facebook Fan Page .

Till then , bye 

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Our World , Their War

I choose to protect the world from the decepticons .

Autobot , transform and roll out !

I choose to transform to Sideswipe . 

with the beautiful design of the car and fast speed , i will definitely have more advantage than others . 

Corvette Stingray in car mode , sleek , sexy , concept model car with fast speed . So , it is the right car for me to save the world. A hero must have a cool and fast car right ? 


When on autobot mode , i am very flexible with my wheels , i can kill in any angle . And most important is i'm fast , i just roll with my wheel and kill with a fast speed . 

Moreover , i have 2 big cybertanium sword and cannon gun . My weapon is more than enough to kill . And i attack with melee combat and  will employ any maneuver it takes to get close enough to the enemy to use my arm-mounted Cybertanium swords.My tactics are merciless and i am utterly unapologetic about this war, after all, war is messy.

So , i will need plan to defeat Decepticon and protect the world . I have 2 plan , plan A and plan B

For plan A  , i will need to recruit some people into my team . When i say people , i mean people with strong power . 

Yes , i will need the 'Superman' of United States , Barack Obama . I will try to persuade him to join me in the team to protect the world from Decepticon . I will need him to be our leader to track down the Decepticon . He is intelligent , and i believe he have his good strategy , tactics , and great knowledge and skill to track down the Decepticon and defeat them.

Next , i will need to persuade the U.S Army to join me in the team to protect the world from Decepticon . 

I need the U.S Army as they have the perfect skill . tactics , and strategy for war . U.S Army also have the spirit of fight till the end . Other than that , i will also need the U.S Army to train my team more war strategy , tactic and skill to enable us to fight the Decepticon .

Next , i will need to persuade CIA to join my team in protect the world from Decepticon . 

With the CIA intelligence , they sure can easily track down where is the location of the Decepticon one by one . CIA will also be able to analyse the Decepticon tactic , strategy , and war skill for us , the autobots . 

Next , i will persuade FBI to join my team to protect the world from Decepticon as well . 

With the awesome skill and shots from FBI , the Decepticon will surely be killed and be defeated . And i will need the FBI face recognition technology to trace and recognize all the Decepticon look .  

Lastly , i will also persuade NASA to join my team to protect the world from Decepticon . 

As the Decepticon is appear in the moon , i will sure need NASA to help me identify all the Decepticon , and the only way is to send a spaceship with astronouts to identify and track down the Decepticons in the moon . I will also need every detail of the Decepticon to put a good fight with them . 

That's my plan A to protect the world from Decepticon . If my plan A failed , which are i failed to persuade Barack Obama , CIA , FBI , and NASA to join my team ,  i will got to use plan B which is the back up plan to fight the Decepticon by my own with my own autobots team . However , i will need some informotion and weapon . 

Firstly , i will use the  Ultimate Movie Card . 

What is so special with this card ? This card can become any organization or agent card by just scanning it to the company barcode. So , i can easily transform this card to a CIA agent card , and i will sneak into the CIA to stole every Decepticons information the CIA have . Again , this ultimate card act as a cip too , so i will store every information into this card. I believe all the information will be able to help us in fighting the Decepticon . 

Next , i will need as many weapon as i can as i am in a war . Thus , i will wear my invisibility cloak and sneak into FBI to stole as many weapon as i can . All the weapon will be in a good use to fight and defeat the Decepticon . Why stole from FBI ?  because FBI will definitely have the best weapon.

My invisibility cloak . 

Next , i will need some information from NASA . Thus , i will use Shrink Ray Gun to shrink myself into a super small size , and then sneak into the NASA to search and store every information they have about the location of the Decepticon in the moon and their activities  into the ultimate card. 

My Shrink Ray Gun 

After i obtain all this information and weapon , i will plan an ambush to attack the Decepticon . First , i will install the invisibility option into my Corvette Stingray . So , i will drive to the location of the Decepticon with the invisibility option . Thus , nobody will be able to track and trace my location . 

My invisibility option for my Corvette Stingray will be something like this .

Lastly , i will drink Polyjuice Potion to be one of the Decepticon robot . I will drink Polyjuice Potion to transform to Megatron . Then , i will blend into the Decepticon and will confused them to kill the real Megatron , own people kill own people , which give me an easier job to no need to kill Megatron myself . After Megatron been killed , i will be Megatron and will ask all other Decepticon to become the good one , to join me together with autobot to protect the world . Whichever Decepticon who unwilling to do so , i will kill them . 

With all the plan above , i believe that i will be able to protect the world from Decepticons . I will be able to kill and defeat the Decepticon. 

Autobots , transform , and roll out ! 

* For your information , this is a contest by Nuffnang to win free passes to the movie screening of  Transformer 3 : Dark Of The Moon . U all can join the contest at here too , click this link .

There are other contest organized by GSC-EON Bank Credit Card website at and Ultimate Movie Card Facebook fanpage at .

Till then , bye