Monday, 16 May 2011

Emogroup First Gathering .

Yes , we come together as a group which were named emogroup few month back . Tikkoss is the president of emogroup . Qi Wen is the vice president of emogroup . Elwyn is the emo king .  Carmen and Glow is the emo princess . Simon is the emo car lover. Isaac is the emo prince . Snoopy is the emo in the dark . April is the emo group member number 10 . And lastly Qi Tyng is the emo group member number 11 .

We had plan a gathering for emogroup for quite a while . Finally , on 13 May 2011 , which is also Hari Rusuhan Kaum , we have a gathering for emogroup . We decided to eat at A.S. Wang Steamboat Restaurant at Taman Cheras .

On that day , i pick up Qi Wen and Qi Tyng , then off we go to Taman Cheras . Was suppose to meet up with Simon , Isaac  and Elwyn at BHP Petrol , then only go to the shop together . But then it was so jam on that day , jam all the way to fetch vice president and emo group member number 11 , and jam all the way to Taman Cheras . Thus , we were late . So , with Elwyn guidance , we manage to find the shop . 

Now , let's check the attendance of emogroup who went to the gathering . Elwyn , Qi Wen , me , Simon , Isaac and his wife, Janice , Qi Tyng and her boyfriend , Andrew went to the gathering . Carmen is busy , Glow is at Penang, while Tikkoss is at China . There's no reply from Snoopy . April is sick . So that's make us an incomplete emo group gathering . Hope there will be a complete emo group gathering soon . 


From left : Isaac and his wife , Janice . 

From left : Elwyn and Qi Tyng. 

From left : Qi Tyng and Qi Wen . 

From left : Andrew and Qi Tyng

As Elwyn is the regular customer there , we let him choose the steamboat food for us . We order 2 plate of steamboat food for 7 people 1 . Trust me , the plate is so huge and there are so much food . Let me show you the food now . 

There were a plate of 8 eggs , 4 yee mee , and some meehoon too. 

We have a plate of fried fu chuk too . 

As for starter , we were given a plate of Wantan . 

As for drink , we ordered barley ais . 

As for the soup , we ordered tom yam soup and herbal soup . 

When the food arrived , everyone is so excited to pour the food into the pot to cook . I hold the big plate of food , and then Elwyn , Isaac and Janice ,and Simon pour the steamboat food into the pot until it is so full that we ask them to stop pour anything in to the pot . lol 

This is the full pot of food . 

When the food is cooked , everyone faster take the food and eat as the food is so delicious . haha . 

kepit kepit to the bowl , and makan . 

Did we managed to finish all the food ? Yes , we managed to finish the 2 big plate of steamboat food . We are all ' hungry ghost ' . We cant finish the noodles though . That's too much for us to finish it . Everyone were so full after the steamboat . The Steamboat satisfied and fullfilled us . 

Overall , this gathering is quite sucessful . We all enjoy the steamboat and chatting session . It is so good for us to eat and chat while waiting for the food to be cook. One bad thing is the tom yam soup is not spicy . According to the emo king , the tom yam soup was spicy sometime . We all Malaysian like spicy tom yam . As for the steamboat food , it is just like the normal steamboat food , nice and yummy . 

Total damage for the day is RM124 for 8 people , which is RM 15.50 for 1 person . It is consider quite cheap and affordable . 

It is a great gathering indeed ! 

Till then , bye . 

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  1. It was a good gathering! :) Hey btw, you haven't linked my blog. XD