Saturday, 14 May 2011


I went to espressSoup in Times Square on Wednesday for lunch with Qi Wen . This is my first time eating at espresSOUP .

I order Mushroom soup in bread and Tomato sauce with mushroom pasta . 

Qi Wen order Clam Chowder soup in bread and tomato sauce with mushroom pasta also . 

Overall , the food there is nice . The mushroom soup is delicious with the thick taste of mushroom , while the clam chowder soup is delicious with thick taste of clam . The Germany wholemeal bread is just nice to eat with the soup . The mushroom pasta is nice too , but a bit sour for me though . The meal is quite filling . Will definitely go back again for the food.

Till then , bye . 


  1. I remembered qiwen craving for clam chowder, so sweet of you to bring her to satisfy her cravings (:

  2. u making me hungry in the middle of the night! >_<

  3. i agree that the pasta here is more sour than the one i tried in Gardens :)

  4. i wonder where will the soup goes when you tear the bread.

  5. more makan makan with Eli.. wahahaha enjoying life bro!