Friday, 20 May 2011

Food Tasting Session at Sakae Sushi

I'm just back from the food tasting session at One Utama , and here i am to blog about the food tasting session . Thanks to Nuffnang Malysia Glitterati Plus , i am invited to attend the food tasting session held at Sakae Sushi One Utama today .

The Sakae Sushi  at One Utama is a new outlet at One Utama New Wing , the previous outlet at One Utama had been closed down . 

Now , let me show you the restaurant . 

The plushie and Merchandise Section . 

The rolling plate of sushi 

The interior of the restaurant 

The Kitchen 

Closr up of the Kitchen and the rolling plate of sushi . 

Many plate of sushi .

The Counter

The awesome ceiling .

The Unique Wall . 

After we seated down on the table , we were given a goodie bag . 

Let's see what is inside the goodie bag . 

The Sakae Sushi Card Application Form .

The Today menu for us 

One box of 20 packet Ocha / Genmaicha Tea bag , 5 RM10 gift voucher , and a Sakae Sushi Member card with Rm10 point inside the card . 

Oh yea , Sakae Sushi now have a new technology which are a touch screen interactive menu monitor .

Just touch the monitor screen to order what you want , put it into the basket , submit , and wait for the waiter to bring you the food . No more hassle to wait for the waiter to come to take your order . And no need to be pressure and more time for you to choose your food selection . This new touch screen interactive menu monitor is quite cool and easy to use , i believe most customer will prefer to use this new technology . 

Okay ,  i know you all can't wait or the food . So , let me show you the food that Sakae Sushi specially make for us , the Nuffnang Gplus member . 

First food is Sakae Salad which cost RM 13.90.

This Sakae Salad is a house specialty salad comprising salmon , crisp garden-fresh greens served with plum dressing.

My comment : The Sakae Salad is healthy with the crisp garden-fresh greens vegetables . The vegetables is fresh . This Sakae Salad is refreshing too . The raw salmon in the salad is awesome , it is soft and yummy . The plum sauce make the Sakae Salad more tasty , the sauce make the Sakae Salad more appetizing .

The next food is Hotate Mentaiyaki which cost RM 20.90 

Hotate Mentaiyaki is a juicy scallops grilled with codfish roe and mayonnaise . 

My comment : The scallop with codfish roe is crunchy and nice to bite , but the mayonnaise is a little bit salty .

The third food is Soft Shell Crab Tempura which cost RM 13.90.

Soft Shell Crab Tempura is a generous portion of delicious soft shell crab , lightly battered and fried to crisp perfection . 

My comment : The soft shell crab tempura is very crunchy and crispy . It is nice to bite , and there are crab meat too . 

The next food is a big plate of sushi which consist of Sakae Candle which cost RM 10.90 , Snowflake Salmon Delight which cost RM 9.80 , and cost RM 7.80 only for SAKAECard Members , Ebi Tempura Cheese Maki which cost RM 12.90 and Salmon Sushi which cost RM3.99 . 

Sakae Candle is one of Sakae signature dishes - Crabmeat , avocado , Japanese cusumber , shrimp roe , codfish roe and mayonnaise . 

My comment : The presentation of the Sakae Candle arranged in the form of the candle and even can light with fire is fantastic and nice . The Sakae Candle is soft and nice . The shrimp roe , avocado and codfish roe is crunchy . The crabmeat is tasty. Eat the Sakae Candle with mayonnaise is more appetizing , the taste is just nice , not too salty . 

Snowflake Salmon Delight is delightful rolls of fresh salmon , omellette , japanese cucumber , salmon skin , okaka flakes , mango , plum sauce and mayonnaise . 

My comment : The raw slamon is fresh. The omellete is soft and juicy . The Japanese cucumber is crunchy . The mango is sweet . So , the whole combination make it yummy and delicious . Eat it with plum sauce and mayonnaise make it more tasty and appetizing . 

Ebi Tempura Cheese maki is crispy tempura prawn rolls with a luscious finishing of cheese and spicy mayonnaise. 

My Comment : The egg roll is soft and nice . The prawn tempura is soft , juicy and crispy . The whole Ebi Tempura Cheese Maki is tasty with the spicy mayonnaise , the spicyness is just nice , not too spicy . The cheese make it more tasty and appetizing . 

Salmon Sushi is tantalising cuts of premium air-flown Norwegian salmon on Vitamin E-enriched sushi rice . 

My comment : The Raw salmon is thicker compare to last time . The rice is soft and nice to bite . 

 The dessert for us is Sorbet . 

Sorbet is a fruity low fat desserts to complete your meal . Choose from pineapple , lemon and orange . 

My comment : The lemon sorbet is the most sour and a little bit creamy, then the orange sorbet is a little bit sour , while the pineapple sorbet is a little bit sweet and less sour compare to the lemon sorbet and orange sorbet . 

Besides today's menu , we get to order any other item in the menu free of charge . 

The menu .

Here's our order : 

Forgot the name of this plate of sushi . Sorry . My comment : it is a little bit salty but tasty with mayonnaise.

Salmon Sashimi . My Comment : The Salmon is soft and nice to bite .

Golden Ebi Roll . My Comment : The prawn and vegetables is fresh , the sushi rice is soft , the japanese cucumber is crunchy , the lemon make the whole sushi more tasty and appetizing . 

That's all the food we order . 

Now , let me introduce the people same table as me . 

From left :  Ranney , Marketing Manager of Sakae Sushi One Utama , Me , Jeff , Khai Sim , the new nuffies , Ann and Yih Yann   .

Lastly , the group photo . 

All the bloggers with the frog , Sakae Sushi mascot.

I shall end the post with the frog .

According to Yew June , the Marketing Manager of Sakae Sushi One Utama , the frog symbolize happiness , while the 'rong' means growing . 

Thanks to Nuffnang Malysia Glitterati Plus and Sakae Sushi One Utama for organizing this food tasting session . Thanks to the nuffies especially Ann for accompany , entertain and chat with us throughout the food tasting session so that we are not bored . Lastly , thanks to Ranney , the Marketing Manager of Sakae Sushi One Utama for explaining to us regarding the food , and answer all our enquiries about Sakae Sushi . Thanks a lot to Sakae Sushi One Utama for the gift voucher and the box of tea bags. 

Sakae Sushi One Utama , LG 225 , Lower Ground Promenade , One Utama Shopping Center .

Till then , bye . 


  1. That's a nice one! oh to be in glitterati plus :)

    It looks like the standard sakae sushi franchise. you guys really did try a lot of dishes! :)

  2. hahaha soooo much seafood that i would have puked once any of those seafood touch my tongue. not my thing. but i would have like to meet the marketing manager~!

  3. I wanna have a chance to be invited to a food tasting session!!!!! >.< awwww~~~ Im also a glitterati member, but how come i didn't get invited? xPPPPPPPP sob~

  4. so many food~ hehe, we use the voucher ya! :P

  5. I want those ocha tea bagssss! :P waaa so nice one get to taste japanese food *envy* and somemore I was craving for sashimi last night HAHA LOL

  6. good post bro :P share the voucher LMAO!

    jk :)