Friday, 20 May 2011

I like Nippon Paint because it always calm me down after a grumpy day

Bedroom is always the most comfortable place to sleep , study , online , do anything you like and of course hide yourself . After a grumpy day studying at school or college , or after a grumpy working day , all you want when you reach home is a comfortable room to calm yourself down .

Here's how Nippon Paint will calm you down after a grumpy day . As Nippon Paint had a lot of colour range , and every colour represent your feelings , emotions , and thought . So , you can mixed and match and paint your room into your own colourful kingdom . Life without colour is sucks . So , choose your colour and paint your room into a colourful kingdom. It will certainly calm you down . 

Me and my family had been using Nippon Paint to paint my room and my house even since before i born . In my previous house , my bedroom wall paint is Nippon Blue Harmony Paint , while my parents master bedrooom wall paint is Nippon Cream paint . And my previous house staircase wall paint is Nippon Pretty Lady paint . While other wall paint is Nippon Reserved White paint . As for the house i stay now , all the wall paint is Nippon Reserved White Paint . Yes , my whole family certainly support Nippon Paint . 

We like Nippon Paint because Nippon Paint is a well know brand among Asian and the largest paint manufacturer in Asia  . Nippon Paint quality is always good and everyone trusted it . Nippon paint is a little bit expensive , but it certainly worth the price . The high quality Nippon Paint can last you a long time . Moreover , the Nippon Paint is odourless , even a person who have sensitive nose will be comfortable with the paint . Nippon Paint also had been recognized with the prestigious ISO 14000 and ISO 9000 certification as one of the paint that achieving quality , safety , and environmetal excellence . Next , Nippon Paint also save the world by creting a green choice eco friendly paint . 

And speaking of paint colours , it have thousand range of colours , which is also why my family like Nippon Paint . We can choose a lot of colour for our house wall and mix and match the colour to paint our wall to have a colourful and impressive house . 

See , so many colour !

Next , Nippon Paint use customer orientation , they try to provide the best paint solution for their every customer . They always provide the paint that meet up to customer expectation . They also willing to accept customer feedback and critic , and change their paint to a better one . Nippon Paint want to build a long term relationship with their customer . They want to keep the existing customer and attract the new customer to try and buy their brand . They want the customer to trust their brand and use their brand .Nippon Paint also want to maintain customer satisfaction towards their brand Therefore , Nippon Paint always provide a lot of benefit to their customer such as provide odourless paint , green choice paint , and many more other benefit. Nippon Paint also keep improve their paint quality to provide better paint for their customer . Other than that , Nippon Paint also use good sales and promotion technique . They advertise their paint creatively through billboard , magazines , Television Commercial , Newspaper , and in many other media.

Here are few Nippon Paint Creative Commercial .

Other than that , Nippon Paint also place a lot of their paint at many paint shop all around Asia . Thus , people will always see Nippon Paint and curious about it and want to try the paint . They keep remind people about the existence of their paint . Their sales and promotion enable them to keep many existing customer . 

Nippon Paint also use the societal marketing orientation , they preserves and enhances the long-term best interests of society or an individual.  By making durable paint and create eco friendly paint , they are happy , and they make their customer like me and my family happy using their product . Double the benefit , definitely worth the price . Me and my family feel secured with their quality paint and great customer orientation . Thus , we support Nippon Paint always . We like Nippon Paint . Nippon Paint is the best Paint for us with recognition of rank number one paint in Asia . No worry anymore by using Nippon Paint . 

I am quite satisfied with my Nippon Paint Reserved White paint in my room . 

But i feel that my bedroom wall is a little bit dull , i need colourful wall ! I want colour ! Therefore , i wish for a room makeover . Hope my dream come true . Finger crossed .

Here's their website , Nippon Paint Malaysia .
And here's their Facebook Fan Page , Nippon Paint Bloobies Facebook Fan Page .

Till then , bye 


  1. Nice post! Very detailed about Nippon Paint.. I see Angry Bird :P

  2. hahaha yah I saw angry bird also =P

    oh well wish u luck alright? =)

  3. Like the nippon paint blobby, they are so fat n bouncy, haha!! anyway, best of luck :)

  4. ok, ur room needs more colours! Nippon.. pls give him some colours! :D

  5. Nice writeup bro! Good luck!

    and you have your own personal aircond. hehehe. sweet!

    Let's paint your room pink! XD