Monday, 30 May 2011

My First Sampling Job

I had work for many part time job , but i never work for a sampling part time job before . Thanks to Jiayeen who introduced me to his supervisor , Ivan , i get this part time job . My company will be captivate Sdn. Bhd . I'm currently working for Fernleaf KUAT milk powder sampling job . I will be working for this weekend , and next weekend at Tesco Mutiara Damansara from 12pm to 9pm . Come find me for lunch or dinner if you happen to be at Tesco Mutiara Damansara .

Me with my uniform .


So , every morning , i have to walk in through Tesco staff entrance , get a promoter pass from th guard , then go up to the store room and take out my booth / counter , set it up , then push to Tesco Fernleaf shelf there . Then , i got to wash the dispenser , cylinder and the stirrer at the basin which located behind the selling fish part there. It is so smelly at there , but what to do , i just got to tahan . Then , after wash all the thing and put it at my small counter / booth , i need to go to buy 6 bottle of 1.5 mineral water , then go out and enter the staff entrance to get the sticker from the security to placed on the mineral water . Then , i will go back to my booth / counter and pour 3 bottle of mineral water and 2 packet of Fernleaf KUAT into the dispenser and then mixed it with stirrer . Then , i will need to go take ice from the kitchen behind the selling fish place , got to smell the smelly stink smell again . After get the ice , put into a plastic , then put the ice into the cylinder . Then lastly put the cylinder into the dispenser . Then , it is ready to serve to small cup for people to drink . 

My  Fernleaf KUAT booth / counter

I learn something on the first day of my work . A big issues happen on the first day i work for my first sampling job . The dispenser they provide for me leaked and the milk spill out like fountain , luckily there's a supervisor with me to solve the issues. The supervisor say i am lucky to experience this on my first day . lol . At last , my company changed a dispenser for me . But 2 packet of Fernleaf KUAT is wasted.

Now , let me tell you what is Fernleaf KUAT . Fernleaf Kuat is a milk for all human age above 1 years old . It have formula 3T , Tulang , Tubuh , dan Tenaga with 18 type of nutrien. It help you to build strong bone , strengthen your muscle , and give you energy for your daily activities . The Fernleaf Kuat is kurang manis , but tetap lazat .The sukrose sugar had been eplace with lactose so that it is not too sweet . And the Fernleaf KUAT is for the whole family . It is valuable as you can save RM 2.90 compare to other brand in the market .

Fernleaf KUAT

Oh yea , i saw so many type of customer . Well , typical Malaysian , got free stuff sure take ,right ? 

Typical Malaysian customer 1 : Parents ask children to keep take the milk to drink . 
Many parents keep ask their children take the milk and drink when they know is free drink . And they just walk away like that after drinking . 

Typical Malaysian customer 2 : Parents want to save milk at home .
A chinese woman keep ask her children to drink few cup of the milk , and tell her husband that the children drink the milk until full , then can no need make milk for their children when they back at home . They thought i milk supplier kah . 

Typical Malaysian customer 3 : Same person keep coming to my booth .
I saw few customer keep come to take my milk repeatedly .So greedy .  I'm good in recognizing people yo.

Typical Malaysian customer 4 : keep refilled the milk 
I saw few customer keep refill the milk after finish drinking 1 cup of my milk when i not at the booth . So greedy . 

Typical Malaysian customer 5 : take for wife , husband , chiildren etc.
Got few customer took few cup of milk and give to husband , wife and children . Imagine ,if she / he got 4 children , 4 cup gone to a family . And worst thing , they just drink and cabut . Didn't even bother to listen to my product and didn't buy .

Typical Malaysian customer 6 ; Throw other brand of sampling cup into my dustbin.
This 1 i hate the most . The dustbin we have is already so small , and some inconsiderate people still go and throw so many other brand sampling cup and make my dustbin easily full . 

Typical Malaysian customer 7 : want empty sampling cup for the baby to play with .
Got a customer ask me whether can i give her few sampling cup for her baby to play , what i'm going to use if i give the sampling cup to her . And plus , it is quite wasted for the sampling cup to be use like that . 

Typical Malaysian customer 8 : Bring a bottle for the milk . 
Got a customer ask whether she can bring 1.5 liter botlle to fill in the free milk and keep it at home and slowly drink . So greedy. Of course we say cannot . Again , we are not milk supplier.

And today got a little malay girl call me uncle when ask for the milk , am i that old ? lol 

Frustrated right ? is a love hate relationship when come to this issue . If you are a consumer , sure you will love it and will grab the free drinks a lot . But if you are the promoter , you will hate it and feel frustrated that they try the product but didn't buy it.

But overall, i still like this new job.So , people come find me next weekend at Tesco Mutiara Damansara ya.

Till then , bye .


  1. this is 1 job tat i don't do coz i know i will want to scold these ppl

  2. lol typical msian customers, couldn't agree more! damnnn annoying! happy working btw :D

  3. Chill chill.. uncle, LOL! :D

  4. wahahaha. tht one really cheapo ask whether can fill up bottle =_=

  5. for me I will scold also haha, and I will not do and act like them too . . .

    the tesco near your place 1 is it? =O

    But cant believe wey, I experienced that worst people is in Klang . . . haha :X

  6. relax.. a lot of different type of customers one.

    By the way, i like the KUAT name tag you have! lol.. pity the uniform not so kuat looking.. if it was in bright red, with the nametag kuat, sure macam harimau! lol!

  7. Now, I know it's hard to work as a promoter... I thought it's easy just pour milk and let people drink or buy. I didn't know we have to see those rude attitudes...