Monday, 9 May 2011

Newtown Coffee

Today , i went to have dinner with Qi Wen at Newtown Coffee. She had eat with her cousin's family . She just accompany me for dinner as my mum went out to dinner with friend and ask me to have my dinner myself. .

I order Nasi Goreng Kampung with drumstick . 

The nasi goreng kampung taste not bad.1 thing i like about it is the fried rice doesn't have mixed vegetables, it save my hassle to take out all the mixed vegetables . Yes , i dont like vegetables . The fried rice is not that spicy . So , as usual i ask for a chili padi to eat with the fried rice . As for the drumstick , the meat of the drumstick is soft and nice , it is not hard , easy to bite . And they give a plate of chili sauce to eat with the drumstick  So overall , i like the fried rice.

As for the drink , i ordered rereshing teh ais . 

It is just a normal teh ais like the mamak one , but the taste of the teh ais is not that sweet , just nice . I dont like those mamak teh ais which is very sweet . 

So , if you all sick of oldtown , try newtown instead . lol . 

Address : NewTown Coffee. 2-1, Block 1, Jalan Jalil Jaya 1. Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur . 

Till then . Bye 


  1. Then next time Isaac will open one coffeeshop called NewTan ! Woot!

  2. "sick of old town, try new town!"


    now waiting for a shop called Pappa Poor.

  3. LOL at Tyng's comment :P How bout price wise?

  4. Isaac : Lol , open 1 , and i shall be your regular customer . haha

    Qi Tyng : Lol . You open pappa poor la . hehe .

    Hilda : Price wise same like old town . hehe =D